Mindfulness for your Monday ~ Freedom Mudra

Cross your hands link your thumbs and fan your fingers wide.
Hold this Mudra on your heart and feel your breath inside.
What is it that I need to set my mind free. Pause , breathe, set the lens of your eyes softly.

Then listen , Notice the silence behind all sound.
Give yourself some s p a c e.
Where truth can be found.


The first two Yamas is Ahinsa (non violence or do no harm) & Satya (Truthfulness).
One way to practice both is to give yourself some time & space to set your worries free.
Many doorways can take you there, Mudras, Eagle Pose or just to let yourself Be.
There are many paths to moksha, freedom from suffering the Yogis say.
Remove the conditions you place on yourself so you can enjoy today.


Inspired by Lessons from the yoga mat, the Yoga Sutras of Ahimsa & Satya & the Pillar of Mindfulness of Letting Go.

When we look deeply into all the paths maybe they are showing us the same thing.

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