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Our NRG TEAM of TEACHERS teach a variety of class styles offering both group + private bookings , at many locations inside out outdoors



Enjoy the perfect blend of Mindfulness Meditation meeting Movement

A well rounded creative flow with equal amounts of steadiness and ease that can be adapted to suit any level of practitioner from those new to yoga , experienced or yoga teachers. This class is often delivered by our teachers who have additional training in Mindfulness and a passion for Integrating different forms Meditation to help bring awareness to both the gross and the more subtle aspects of the body and mind. 

We integrate the Pillars & Foundations of Mindfulness along with the Eight Limbs of Yoga in various ways. We will highlight certain categories of poses each week (we often will take requests of those coming so we can cater to the groups physical and mental areas of focus to help people progress their understanding & experience of Yoga + Mindfulness. 

Throughout the class terms we will often include mudras (generally hand positions  that help bring a specific focus) , breathing practices (pranayama) varied meditation practices that utilise the foundations of Mindfulness and how we can integrate these on and off the yoga mat.


A great class to slow down, for grounding and to let go of expectations, let go of the week that’s been. We embrace no agenda and press pause on the mental load. This class is designed to get our yogi’s outdoors, not only do we have the physical and mental health benefits of our yoga practice but we also get the health benefits of being back in nature.

Great for those who may have been busy through the week, juggling the modern battle of lots to do and not enough time to do it in or maybe those that are looking for a gentle release to compliment exercise and sports through the week.

This class will offer an opportunity for yogi’s to go at your own pace as we find gentle movement and breath to invite the body to open, stretch and release out any tension and fatigue and invite in some lightness and space. Most of our poses for this Sunday Slow Flow are low to the ground and offer a gentle whole body release with invitations to rest or take modifications along the way.

This class also has a strong focus on breath but while we offer that awareness of body and breath we also invite in that Sunday morning vibe and attitude of minimal interference and minimal disruption to maybe find and come back to that natural/neutral state of energy, mind, body and breath. Definitely suitable to all levels.


This energizing class helps students of all levels harness their strength, improve cardiovascular health, and practice mindful movement. Through a series of standing postures, sun salutations and deep stretch, students will bring play into their practice, and use dynamic equilibrium to find space in their body, mind, and spirit. All levels and abilities welcome. We include options to suit where you are at. We will include some nourishment for the abdominals with some challenges each week by request. Each week will have a different focus The ideal summer sunrise class with the best backdrop of Moffat Beach or Join us in our NRG ZOOM ROOM LIVE


This class is a 60 minute variation of our popular Long Slow Deep Feature classes. It is a more Yin class compared to the yang, meaning we hold the poses for longer. Most of the sequence focuses on floor / ground based postures that nourish the hips, spine and helps to calm the fluctuations of the mind through learning how to become still and really be absorbed in the breath. Each week we will also focus on a Mudra and Different Theme (and take requests to suit those who attend targetting specific areas of the body)


This class is a great way to welcome yourself to your body! We work through the key elements of our NRG power class including vinyasa flow, focus, breathing, intention, body sensations and along the way we’ll explore yogic principles such as vayu’s, yamas, niyamas and the pillars of mindfulness.

We start the class with a mudra and pranayama to help us drop into our practice, the 60 mins includes traditional Sun Salutations and dynamic flow, twisting, balancing, working with hips and hearts and mediation. Suited to all levels from the very beginner to experienced yogi’s with invitation to take rest, add on or take modifications along the way. 


This class will teach you how to explore poses held for longer periods in a way that promotes the health of the fascia and restoration of the mind. Often the use of props and rest in between the poses (rebound reflection) is used to allow for integration and introspection. There are nuggets of education on the interconnections of the Meridian System & Metaphysics targeting a different region each class.

Open to any level and ability 


This class is a general yoga flow class designed to include vinyasa, sun salutations and standing sequence but also grounding seated postures and meditation. This general class includes mudra and pranayama to help draw our attention inward to balance body, mind, energy and breath.

Plenty of modifications offered along the way. This mindful practice is outdoors to help us connect back to nature and gives us plenty of inspiration for our practice.

All levels welcome right from the very beginner to well practiced yogi’s, this group generally loves to take the opportunity to enjoy a morning coffee and chat after class, everyone welcome. 


A class that is accessible to all levels and great for beginners or those who wish to learn more about the foundations of Yoga. We keep the postures in this class simple, accessible (however those who are more experienced who wish to come due to this timeslot being what suits , you are always welcomed to alter this practice to suit where you are and what you need out of your practice)

Each week has a different point of focus from the Eight Limbs of Yoga and how this can be made practical for mental and physical benefits.

The teacher is also open to requests from those who come to explore key areas of the practice including basic alignment and pranayama (breathing) practices. 


This class is a combination of a flowing sequence at the beginning followed by Yin postures held for longer periods with time for ‘rebound’ (breif pauses in between the poses to sense into the benefits for the fascia) &  to experience rest and notice the effects of the pose in between each side. 

Depending on requests from those in attendance each week will have a slightly different focus inclusive of the amount of Yin included.


This class is special due to its length. There is something very unique about giving your mind and body this amount of time to wind down. You cannot get this same experience in our shorter classes. Mentally this class strengthens our patience perseverance and persistency to get out of busy ‘doing’ and into stillness. Physically it is a floor series that includes a brief warm up spinal lenghtening , followed by postures dedicated to hips, forward bends to down regulate the nervous system & promote spinal mobility. The mindfulness weaved in with focus and concentration meditation enables access to what the yogis called pratyahara taking our attention inward) so we are less distracted. 
In this state over time we can “drop in” to the most peaceful parts of our own mind, or at times develop insight from allowing the experience to be as it is.

This class can be adapted in many ways , via the use of props and modification to get the same benefit. Every Full Length Feature of this type of class is always a different experience.


Enjoy our Mindfulness Based Restorative Yoga (MBRY) 90 minute Feature Class.
At times this class is done indoors or as a Sunday Sesh outside by the Beach so you can hear the waves lapping while you slow down and savour the support from being propped in a series of Restorative Poses. This practice is the ultimate looking after yourself practice where you let the body rest into bolsters, the head & neck be nursed in headrests and the mind be marinated in mindfulness. 

BYO props for Covid Safety – or if using ours we will notify you of Covid Protocols and Precautions

(ideally a boulster , pillow, cushion and 2 blankets (a thin one and a thicker one & yoga mat


This class can be adapted to suit any level from “Slow” to quite fast paced Ashtanga adapting a portion of Primary or Secondary Series according to the timeframe we have.

It includes warm up series with key poses from all categories (eg standing, forward bends, twists, balance, and finishing postures. Pranayama (Breathing as Meditation) , Bandhas (working with Subtle Body Energetics to create focus and integrity physically and mentally) and Drishti (eye gaze positions to develop introspection) are key components of this Mindfulness Based Ashtanga practice . The word “Ashtanga” also means Eight Limbs – often there will be teachings on the Eight Limbs of Yoga orientating the student of how each of these help calm the reactivity to the what’s happening in the mind.


  • Find out your Ayurvedic Constitution
  • Have a class or program designed to create / bring back balance to the areas in your life that maybe a little out of whack.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga – meaning Science of Life.

There are 3 main Dosha types . Dosha means that which can go out of whack. This is a great way to find out what poses and styles of yoga will suit you best according to what’s going on for you right now.  The styles of yoga we “like” isn’t always the styles that will help bring us back into harmony where we are able to give the body what it needs.  Different styles and ways of doing yoga poses will have different effects on our energy levels and minds.  By doing this program you will be more aware of how to modify in our more general classes in order to self select “how” you move through the practice in  a way that is conscious and beneficial.


Enjoy this special time of the month where we get to soak up the Full Moon by the beach! A well rounded class that is nourishing, bringing you vitality, a different theme + style each month


The best of Yoga & Self Massage. Using the science of acupressure with Yoga Tune up Balls , Courgous Balls (soft balls) and yoga blocks we take you on a guided tour through Yoga Postures while targeting different areas to release each class


Vin-Yin-Press and Meditate – Elemental Series with Tammy Williams

These classes combine Yin Yoga , Accupressure with breif use of Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls & Soft Corgeous Balls along with Yoga Nidra Meditation.  Each class in the series will focus on a key element and its associated qualities and functions and offer poses , mudras and specific breathing exercises (pranayama) to help promote Mindfulness and Chi/Energy Flow.

Enjoy specific sounds, pressure points and optional essential oils layered in this Mindful expression designed to help you slow down, become un-stuck,         


This class invites fluid movements often repeated and orientated to all sides of the yoga mat in a circular pattern.  We work with blending the subtle energies of the body in a fluid like motion to move the mind toward meditation. 


This class is fantastic for those who want to nourish their glutes and rectify the health issues caused from sitting on them too much! We include core awareness to enable support for our posture but also begin to tap into the more subtle work or what the yogis called Bandhas.  Not only is this work good for physical health, it is a practice of Mindfulness of the Subtle Body as a meditation which helps to calm the fluctuations of the mind.