Tammy Williams 

Tammy Wiliams is the Founder / Author & Program Manager of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Teacher Training Programs.  She is an International Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Trainer having taught hundreds of Teachers from all over the world to weave a unique blend of Mindfulness into various forms of styles of Yoga . She has been invited to Teach & Train Teachers within Australia & Overseas. She is also a Qualified Clinical Trauma Health Professional & Clinical Nurse and continues to work specifically in the field  of Trauma Aware Mindfulness & Yoga used as a Therapeutic Approach for clients wanting help with anxiety, depression, relapse prevention and various forms of trauma. Her approach in Teacher Training & Mindfulness Based Mentoring goes well beyond the physical forms of Yoga. Tammy is known for her honest, down to earth approach and does not side step the  awkward conversations that maybe needed in order to help someone turn friction into freedom. 

Her skillset of being in the health industry since 1994 – Training in a vast array of health facilities, hospitals, including Aids hospitals in the 90’s overseas, intensive care units and directing health promotion projects such as “Crave The Wave” incorporating Mindfulness Yoga Surfing to help in the areas of Relapse Prevention is what sets Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Teacher Training Programs apart. She has invested in travelling the world to train with Doctors, & world renowned Yoga & Meditation Teachers and continues to do so in order to ensure those who come to her programs are continually able to benefit from this. 

“I am extremely passionate about making Trauma Aware Mindfulness & Yoga accessible in a variety of ways. My private work in the background of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia is working with those who may have suffered from anxiety , depression or addiction as a consequence of unresolved events including  Trauma at any end of the spectrum : from grief & loss, abuse, burn out or addiction (addiction to over doing it included). I am also passionate about Mentoring Teachers in a way that they can find their own unique way to help people in a sustainable way. My other area of passion is to support those living in rural & remote areas” 


Find out more about Tammys Private Programs & Clinical work here : tammywilliams.com.au 


Lee Churcher  

Lee Churcher is bubbly, light & yet humble with decades of experience as an International Teacher of Pilates & Yoga Teacher, she is also a PT, a Mum who absolutely loves learning. Lee completes multiple trainings each year & has a passion for variety, without losing the potency of being able to teach key foundations effectively with safety & simplicity. Lee has completed multiple certifications in Pilates, along with a Master Certificate in Functional Fitness. Expect to learn safe foundation and unpack how to safely progress and build on these intricate layers within the body to help maintain physical & mental fitness. 

Lee has trained and has taught on Yoga NRG Retreats and brings with her a broad range of knowledge and experience and light hearted Scottish passion & humour. Lee’s also been known to belt out the odd Line Dancing Session & Awesome Senior Classes in our Local Community  . Not to mention great playlists and a love for mixing up sequences using Pilates soft balls & more to help nourish core, glutes and more. 

Lee teaches our Mindful Core Yoga Teacher Training Module & Mindfulness Based Pilates Teacher Training with Tammy Williams. 

Suzie Kellet  

in 2011 where I found yoga at my local gym. At that time in my life, I worked as a Scenes of Crime Officer for the Queensland Police Service, with years of accumulated exposure to traumatic scenes taking a significant toll on my physical health, mental health, and personal and professional relationships.  The accumulation of these effects ultimately led to physical illnesses and a diagnosis of complex PTSD, clinical depression, and anxiety.  My body forced me to listen and make some life-saving adjustments.

Healing from trauma requires investing in yourself and learning self-compassion, kindness and patience.  It is learning to develop self-worth and allow permission to have good and bad days.  Healing teaches us how to be with what is and let go of trying to make good things happen.  Instead, we learn to hold a space for what is happening now, whether good or bad, so we can be in the present moment and truly experience that all modes of being are temporary and feelings and thoughts pass through us like a breeze.

Suzie completed Yoga NRG Level 1 Teacher Training, Mindfulness Teacher Training & further one on one Mentoring with Tammy Williams , along with ongoing practice of Zen Meditation. 

“I surrounded myself with a network of support integrating modern western medicine and psychotherapies and eastern yogic practices and mindfulness.  I became responsible for my mental health and acquired tools and strategies to live better, healthier, and happier and heal from suffering.  New practices slowly birthed new attitudes and outlooks to life which supported the exploration of new techniques to add to my healing tool kit, drawing from these to self-regulate and ease times of suffering.  This truly self-empowering process sees me today no longer reliant on western medicine and psychotherapies.

The healing journey is not smooth sailing, but with the right tools, we can shelter through the storms and build resilience to take stock of what is essential and what is not.  We can develop the strength to let in what we are genuinely feeling, listen with kindness, release ourselves from the bondage of our suffering and heal”.


Suzie teaches our Yoga NRG Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module and components of Yoga Anatomy (she loves it!!)

Lee-Anne Heron

ND ERYT, Yoga Alliance

Expert Teacher Designation, YACEP

BSc (Nat), Adv Dip Herb Med, Adv Dip Hom, NKT, over 1000 hours Yoga TT and Body Work Certificates

Functional Anatomy Teacher Trainer, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer, The Roll Model® Method & Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer

Lee is based in Perth, Australia and enjoys delivering workshops, teacher trainings and retreats worldwide as well as providing CPE for allied health industry at university campuses, health clinics and birthing centres and is on faculty for International Yoga Teaching Trainings as expert Anatomy & Physiology teacher and Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer. When Lee is not teaching you may find her at the beach or park with her 3 children.

With over 17 years in clinical practice as a naturopath (specialising in women’s health and fertility and has interned at hospitals & anatomy labs around the world in surgery and clinic) and has a yoga practice that predates this. Lee has much anecdotal experience to share Lee encourages teachers and trainees to challenge research and teachings, to question students (never assuming we know how our students feel) and to always listen to the answers and observe the bodies we are guiding. She provokes teachers to consider purpose and function of what we teach and how we can view different bodies as individuals to assist guide every student in a meaningful practice.

Expect every class, workshop or training to share a vast toolkit of tests, languaging, modifications, alternate asana, mindfulness, yoga tune up®, myofascial release, proprioception, interoception processes to assist our teaching to guide our students in an embodied and empowered practice on the mat and beyond.

Lee has studied over 500 hrs yin yoga with Paul & Suzee Grilley (founder of yin yoga), Jo Phee, Joe Barnett, has dissected with Gil Hedley and can be found in the upcoming Anatomy In Yoga by Paul Grilley (filmed in LA in 2015) and brings this background and her vast toolkit of naturopathic and body work experience to her yin trainings! Lee has also hosted Tammy Williams in Western Australia and attended Mindfulness Teacher Training of which she now blends this within her classes. 

Lee offers Functional Anatomy Training offered online / self paced – reach out for more information 

Dr Pearl Cheung

Anaesthetist/ Lectures in Respiratory/NS Anatomy

Fellow of the ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists) since 2001. Graduated from Medicine as a Doctor in 1992.

Pearl attended a Surf & Yoga Retreat with Tammy Williams and Belinda Werner back in 2007. She lectures in Respiratory Anatomy and is part of the Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Faculty online and face to face.

Although initially Pearl had a love hate relationship with Yoga , Pearl went on to do her Yoga Teacher Training with Tammy Williams. She loves to travel making Surf & Yoga Retreat/Destinations part of her focus. She brings humour & vibrancy to her sessions with a world of knowledge in the medical field .

Talita Sheedy

Talita specialises in:
Naturopathic holistic care for preconception
Pregnancy and post-natal nutrition
Prenatal Yoga Hormone regulation
Mental health support and prevention, including post-natal depression

Doctor Emilia Dauway 

(Guest Speaker / Author) Dr. Emilia Dauway is the former Chief of Breast Surgery and the director of the Breast Cancer Program at Baylor, Scott and White Healthcare in Texas, USA.  She is an American trained surgeon who has taken the opportunity to practice general and oncologic surgery in Australia. She is interested in tumor biology differences across cultures and ethnic groups, as well as, the impact of cancer treatments on quality of life.  This interest has sparked a passion for teaching and volunteering her surgical skills.  She has worked with medical missions internationally in Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti and Cameroon, Africa.

Dr Dauway completed her Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tammy Williams (Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Aust) and has integrated Mindfulness and Yoga into her Restore More events and Centre for Personal Renewal Programs for Breast Cancer Patients. She has recently released her first book “Live Fearlessly” 

My final words are those of Fred Rogers, “If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet. How important you can be to the people you may never even dream to meet. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” For me, each mission I leave something of myself behind, a bit of knowledge and some healing for someone that matters.

Dr Emilia teaches components of our Mindfulness Based Restorative & Roll Release Modules and Yoga for Cancer Care. 

Marian Cavanagh

Marian Cavanagh is a Level 3 Yoga Australia registered yoga teacher with a wide range of training. Marian is a registered Relax and Renew Trainer, certified by Judith Lasater (one of the world’s leading authorities in restorative yoga) Marian has run hundreds of workshops, and has taught well over 1000 restorative students. 

Marian is passionate about sharing this nurturing, healing practice. She specialises in long, deep, quietly held poses. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and restorative yoga for over 6 years, with hundreds of hours of restorative teaching practice. Her workshops emphasise internal rest with a focus on long-hold, quietly held spaces.

Marian teaches components of our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 

Eumundi Medicine Man JayDharma Mulder

Other Specialists

Jay consults and provides lectures to our Yoga NRG Teacher Trainees  both face to face &/or live recordings on Auyervedic Teachings as part of our online components for Yoga Teacher Training.

JayDharma holds a Bachelor of Complimentary and Herbal Medicine from Charles Sturt University, a Diploma of Herbalism and Nutrition from Queensland Institute of Natural Science, a Certificate IV of Ayurveda and an Ayurvedic Clinical Certificate from Dr Rajan Coopan of South Africa (Jay’s original Ayurvedic teacher). He has also completed a two year course in Sanskrit at Queensland University.

Jay regularly meets Ayurvedic professors of Ayurveda and scholars in India to discuss the philosophical concepts of Ayurveda (padartha vinana), as well as knowledge of dravya (substance) known as dravyagunavijnana. He also undergoes pancakarma twice each year.

Previously, he spent 12 years in a ashram. For the past ten years, Jay has taught the Ayurvedic Lifestyle course and now the Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine course at East Coast TAFE, and also the College of ACE BMS. Having retired into private practice Jayadharma now teaches interested students on a one to to basis.

Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia invites specialists in their fields such as Neurology, Pre/Post Natal, Personal Development, Yogic Psychology and Complimentary Medicine all of which consult or contribute to help maintain the quality & integrity of our Training Programs.