Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Teacher Training – How they help with self doubt in decision making

Mindfulness for your Monday 

Make the best decision you can right now, yet stay open. As new information comes to light you can update your decision. Information comes in many forms ~ inside & outside. 

The yogis have many teachings that can help guide us to stay true to our moral compass. 

We may have certain people we associate wise action with & can consider “what would they do?” 

But one of the most useful that no one else can do for you, is for you to practice getting quiet and listening. Tuning into your own intuition.

This can be difficult as often there’s confusion between 

Intuition & habitual fear

Between healthy boundaries & Love for those to you that are dear

Feelings of awkwardness or resistance because it’s something new 

Confused with it feeling like it’s the wrong thing to do. 

It’s never just black & white as there is so many different pieces 

However meditation of tuning in, using our breath, patience, openess, until the identification with all the thoughts ceases

What ever the right decision is will come, perhaps as a quieter voice within 

No further questions to ask 

When it’s time to take the action needed, you’ll know it in your skin

The right thing to do, not always an easy task. 

Either way we can find peace in knowing we can reevaluate as time goes by 

We are all here to learn 

Meditation helps us “look with our understanding, find out what you already know , so you can see how to fly”

Once said a famous little seagul ~ that was his lesson in that moment. So what is yours? 

Just like Ajunas struggle in the yogic text The Gita “Should I surrender or should I go to war?” 

Our biggest battle often is the one that’s in our head

Base your skilful action not on being liked, or what others say you should do, but on that quiet voice instead. 

Learning to “listen” is a daily practice to be quiet & tune in 

Maybe a preparation practice for today 

~ can you pause, sit quietly , & hear any birds sing? 

Wait awhile 

Then be sure to offer them a Thankyou & a Mona Lisa Smile 

Namaste 🙏



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