The Mindfulness of Dealing with Resistance to Yoga Practice or Procrastination – Tips for being a good caretaker when you fall off the wagon

Here’s a keep it simple approach to “taking care” (simple but not always easy)
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This above recommendation of “be inclusive” is an attitudinal quality that we cultivate as part of Mindfulness Training / Practice.
Often when we have strong sensations and the reaction is to want to get rid of them. So it can be challenging to ‘take care of whatever is there’ .
Ways To Be Mindful ~
Training your body to make space for sensation.
?Use your breath & move your body together as if the breath is making space in and around the sensation
?Soften your skin, become sensitive as if each pore of the skin has ears and eyes. Tune in. Listen
? Meditate to train the mind to see the impermanent and changing nature of sensation. This will help tone down the automatic reactivity to pain which creates more tension (less space for grace)
?As much as I’d love to sit and meditate all day and then write about the process to help others. I need to remember regardless of how content I am from meditation and sipping my tea I do need to move! I have a body so I need to be a good caretaker !
Otherwise, it starts to break down and die quicker!
?Sometimes to get the Prana (the intelligence / awareness flowing in the body I have to wake it up through going for a surf or do self-massage with a roller, balls or bodywork (for me at the moment this takes more discipline and energy initially but what I find is it produces more energy too!) At times it takes more courage because if you have not done something for a while (like been out in big surf / or spent time on your mat what ever the case maybe ) There can be an element of doubt. Can I trust my body to keep me from drowning?  for example Especially during times where I have had injuries or have been managing dystonia. Howevever I’ve come to use these obstacles as my pathway to strengthen my practice of “Yoga” and Mindfulness.
Steps to Overcome Resistance to Practice or Procrastination ~
I will use Yoga & Surfing as the analogies
Step 1
Forget about the end result or how you use to be just roll out your mat or put on your wetsuit ~
? 1 Sun Salute or at least
?Get wet
Then congratulate yourself for taking care
Mantra – doubt your doubts
Step 2
Then the next day
?2 Sun Sals
?10 min paddle
Then congratulate yourself for taking care
Mantra – you are doing this
Step 3
Next day
?3 Sun Salutes
?20 min paddle or longer
Then congratulate yourself for taking care
Mantra – be here with yourself – you’re not broken you’re human that’s why you are worth it
⭐️ When steps 1-3 are feeling hard , find a yoga buddy. Help each other out  and make a pat to practice together. Be of ‘service’ to each other. As you are not the only one hitting obstacles in life! Promise each other at least 20 minutes on the mat then you can have the coffee together ?
Remember we are always beginning again. Yes, we are getting older, we may have more things to take care of. Family, friends, house, job or a diagnosis.
Mostly you need your body and mind to do that! They are partners. They need each other.
Dream big start small (again and again) and keep connecting the dots.
Realise you have more potential to be a good caretaker than what you think!
The Mindful Care Taker with a Little Help from Ganesh
Be a good caretaker today and make space for Grace.
It all comes out of and goes back into the same place.
Resistance and Relaxation both are required
To overcome your Obstacles and meet your Desires
Learn to work with both as energy in different ways
Remember nothing lasts and nothing will stay
Ganesh Mudra ~ with your hands notice gripping and letting go
Teaches us we have the potential to use our obstacles as the path to grow
Meeting all of our obstacles as  a pathway to learn
Love your body regardless, start to discern
Understanding impermanence to help you overcome fear
This type of awareness is sharp and clear
Being a good caretaker starts with movement and mind
But do not forget to congratulate yourself, it’s not easy.
Be Kind
Tammy xox
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Your next step is to assign yourself a Yoga Buddy or find a Community / Teacher to hold you to your Promise of practising being a good Care Taker for yourself.
Forward this on to who you want to help keep you living well! Enjoy
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