"Your heart is as big as the ocean, go find yourself in its hidden depths"

~ Rumi

"Understand the nature of your mind, because the mind effects everything"
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Long Slow Deep & Restore Yoga bridges the gap between Yin Yoga & Yang with a focus on Mindfulness & Insight Meditation. When done in its full length Feature Class it is an experience like no other.  It is a holistic practice that offers nourishment for the hips, lengthens the spine and gives space for the mind. There are two options available : A Self Retreat Option – ask us for our discount for the “Non Teacher Training” option. The other is Teacher Training Certification to Teach Long Slow Deep & Restore Yoga as part of your teaching tool-kit. This series is recommended for those especially who have a desire to Teach the Art of Mindfulness within a moving meditation. 

This module immersion is also part of our Mindfulness Based Yin Yoga Certification. 

It has been one of the most popular classes & Teacher Training ongoing that we teach here at Yoga NRG due to its versatility & ability to benefit a diverse range of students & body types. The most consistent feedback is it’s unforgettable benefits for the state of the Mind due to how the sequence is put together & the focus on understanding how Mindfulness Meditation can be weaved throughout to provide a depth of insight that is often not easy to put into words but is felt in mind, body and heart without a doubt. 

This sequence focuses on floor postures designed to open the hips, create space and length for the spine and take you into the most peaceful part of your own mind.

** There is an optional extra to begin the pre-recorded bonus option as soon as you register – $190** 

Learn to teach a full LSD sequence with restorative options to make this series adaptable to a wide scope of students, 

Understand the benefits of this sequence in its’ relationship to Pratyahara / withdrawal of the senses , cueing and the cycle of Samskara & Mindfulness Based theming to include in dialogue. An introduction into the Fascia & in particular the Kidney/Bladder Meridian ~ you will experience how this particular energy channel can be accessed through this specific sequence of poses. Benefits are not only physical, also helps with regulating our nervous system when it comes to balancing fear or handling tendencies such as taking on to much. It helps us tap into our ‘inner’ wisdom to transform fear & friction into freedom and ease. 

Understand the link between the poses chosen in this series and regulation of the nervous system to the point where often ‘man made’ time slows right down  Anything that has been causing tension or issues in the tissues can be taken care of through a unique process of N.R.G 

N – Noticing what arises internally & externally 

R – Recognising how things change over time. Learn ways to ‘Respond’ with choice rather than feed our reactive habit patterns that may cause the mind or body to suffer. 

G – Grace ~ Learning to find ease with the here and now ; physically mentally and emotionally. 

“The harder you are on anything the faster you wear it out” ~ Bryan Kest 

Long Slow Deep Yoga helps us strengthen our patience, perseverance and the art of letting go. It’s a great compliment to both the flowing styles and Yin Yoga Styles. 

“For me it is the best of both worlds – It’s ultimate practice weaving Mindfulness Vipasana & a form of Yin Yoga – with a subtle drop of core. This helps those who may find it difficult to drop into stillness straight away a chance to wind down first. It also has fantastic benefits for the spine!” Tammy Williams 




"Nobody can do this work for me. I have to untie my own knots. I can develop strength to disempower my own habit patterns. I have to do this for myself. This is what the practice is all about."

~ Bryan Kest

"A practice that gets deep into the hips, hamstrings and spine

Taking the time to connect with a calm and peaceful mind"


CEC’s Accredited towards

35 HOUR (25 Contact Hours + 10 Non Contact Hours)



NO PRE-REQUISITES (Note a Minimum of 200hr is required for Certification)

OR $550 (with our Full 500hr)
$710 (with our 200hr Teacher Training) pay by Dec 9th 2023






"Beyond a wholesome discipline

Be gentle with yourself"

~ Desiderata


When we learn to stay with something long enough, we begin to see it in a whole new way.

This is why I fell in love with Long Slow Deep Yoga. For me it was a very slow moving form of Vipasana.

~ Tammy Williams


Tammy Williams

(Founder / Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer / Mindfulness CBT Practitioner Clinical Nurse & Qualified Trauma Health Professional )

My passion and commitment to those who train with me is to offer them a helping hand to

turn what ever obstacle they are faced with into a path.

Through Mindfulness & various forms of Meditation & Yoga Programs I hope to provide a safe space for people of all walks of life to experience a clear mind-full heart so they can live the life they want to live.

Hurry! Bundle Package /Early Bird Discount Ends Soon

Early Bird Price for Long Slow Deep 2 MONTHS PRIOR

$710 Bundle Package Price with 200hr
$510 with 500hr upfront
(note each time this course has been run it has filled prior so ensure you book ahead)


This can be taken as a Speciality Elective or as a Module toward our 200hr + 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Terms and Conditions

Strictly no refunds unless a course is cancelled by Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia.

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