Heart & Soul – Yoga of The Subtle Body to Transform Obstacles into a Path

Each of us have our own unique experiences that can prepare us for greater things in life.

There are three key areas within The Subtle Body that can help us endure the hard knocks, learn to process them, understand them and articulate them,  and most of all derive benefit and meaning from them in a way that we are able to be of service to others. One of the biggest values in taking time to reflect & learn processes and practices like this, is that it can help pave the way toward more acceptance , patience & inspiration to ‘keep going’ . If ever you’ve experienced the desire to want to transform your own experiences into a way to give back or overcome what is holding you back, then Yoga of The Subtle Body has a unique way of providing a map to navigate obstacles of heart and mind and dedicate more time to what’s important in life. 

If you are curious about learning more about how Yoga Mindfulness Mudras & Breathwork can help you or others 

Heart & Soul ~ Yoga of the Subtle Body weekend immersion,  along with My Mindful Mentoring program are available for those who want to empower themselves to develop the capacity to transform their own unique experiences into a rewarding path that helps them live their life rather than give up on it.

These programs are drawn from both my Clinical Experience of working in the areas of Mental Health Nursing , Trauma & Health Promotion. There is also valuable practices & processes I’ve collected along the way from having practiced & delivered Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training , private 1:1 programs to many people over the last near three decades. Along with my own experiences of learning how to tap into inner resources when faced with my own adversity along the way.

This particular Immersion looks at three key areas within Yoga of The Subtle Body that lends itself to opening the heart, releasing tension in head neck and shoulders . It’s also a way of feeling into what true Will Power is and creating a path toward meaningful expression that’s unique to you. These areas and energy centres that we will take a Somatic Exploration of is : 

Our Core , Heart Space and Communication Centres.

These three centres are key in relationships – especially the one you have with yourself.

No one can do this for you, however carving out time for reflection and learning new tools to add to your Mindful toolkit will empower you to do this for yourself. When that next obstacle in life comes up , you will feel more equipped, connected and less fearful. There is no other way that I know of to build confidence and nourish your sense of Will Power (I am not talking about bravado, or outer show) but more a humble knowing from within that respects how far you have come and holds your hand whilst going through  the new experiences you’ve left to go.

This immersion is done as both a group training &/or as a one on one private program for those who prefer that space.

This immersion is close to my own heart for many reasons – one being both the difficulty and yet freedom that comes with learning how to accept without giving up or losing hope. For more on that and my 1:1 program options and Mindful Mentoring Programs you can visit my personal blog & website  – here 

If you’d like to join me for 1:1 or group training as a way to deepen your own practice & understanding of Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation or to add this training toward Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification hours please reach out


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May all being be safe

May all beings be happy

May all beings be free.



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