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Yoga+Mindfulness Teacher Mentoring Program

  • Personalised Mentoring in all aspects of Teaching &/ or running a Yoga Business
  • In person & Remote options available
  • Hours toward Certification Pathways in Training or Facilitation Programs

Tammy Williams has mentored Yoga teachers, Studio/Business owners, Doctors & Team Leaders to help them or their teams develop personally & professionally.

Tammy is a qualified Clinical Nurse & has trained well over 200 teachers in Yoga & Mindfulness from all over the world and draws on her own experience of over 10,000hrs of Teaching / Training in Yoga & Mindfulness to help Mentor others. She has invested a numerous amount of time, energy & travel to train with world-class specialists in this field and continues to do so.

“I love Yoga & have dedicated my life to doing what I can to share it and to help others share it. There is a risk of burn out with any passion. I want to do my bit in helping the spark stay alive in Yoga Teachers or anyone in a health & wellness focused role as I’ve been there too. Yoga helps so many so to have support to maintain your Vow to continue to share it is key to the bigger picture & the ripple effect”

With Suicide Depression & Anxiety at astonishing rates a lot of it I believe due to feeling we can’t keep up or not good enough.

This is what Yoga + Mindfulness at its core really addresses & those that teach it need support too.

“In my Clinical Role I offered supervision / mentoring to others when supporting clients and we also had to have Supervisors & support . I see the role of Yoga & Mindfulness Teachers just as in need of this as we are all contributing to people’s mental health & wellness.”

Senoir Teachers from the Yoga NRG Faculty are also available as part of our Mentoring Program – contact us to design your program either as a stand alone program for personal development or as part of Elective Hours toward advancing your certification toward either 350 hour or 500 hour (Level 2/3) Yoga Teacher Training.

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