Bryan Kest’s (Founder of Power Yoga) Biggest Life Lessons & what keeps him Teaching Yoga after all these years?

After travelling with Bryan every year on his Australian tours since inviting him out to Australia on his first tour in 2010, there are a few questions about Yoga , Mindfulness and Teaching that I have asked him to share with us…..

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Tammy: How does yoga help us with those ‘narly habits of mind’ that you speak of in your classes?


  • 1st step – awareness.
  • 2nd step if you choose non-indulgence:))))


Tammy: What has kept you teaching all of these years?

Bryan: I am so passionate about this practice and I know it works because it’s my experience:))))


Tammy: What has been your biggest lesson in life?

 Bryan Acceptance is the key as shit tends to happen. Then recognizing the shit as my teacher:)))))


Tammy: Who have you trained with and what did they teach you (maybe just 3 teachers that spring to mind)?

 Bryan :

Brad Ramsey —- humility

David Williams —— simplicity

Pattabhi Jois ——- everything I never want to be as a yoga instructor:))))

SN Goenka ——- meditation:)))))


Tammy: The shirt you often wear that says fuck being perfect… How does yoga help us “to f*** being perfect” do you think?

Bryan:  It doesn’t because you already are:))))


I think that last answer sums it up to a point where nothing more really needs to be asked ~ only experienced.

I’m sure everyone’s experience in Bryans classes is unique, but I do notice something similar every year, there’s laughing and there’s people walking out of his classes with brand-new faces that I can’t really describe.  As for the LSD (Long Slow Deep Class) definitely people walking out with stoned eyes, but what goes on inside during those hours shouldn’t be put into words, only experienced.

Forever grateful to Bryan (and all of his teachers) in all I continue to learn and always happy to invest when it comes to simplicity, acceptance and a healthy perspective.

Very thankful to those who have already booked that travel every year from interstate and from overseas to experience Bryans classes here with us in Australia – THANKYOU!

** Given Bryans classes sell out and are full each year in Brisbane, let me know if you want an extra class put on during the day up here on the Sunshine Coast with Bryan email

It would be great to serve you yogis with an extra class if you want it! (Let me know and I can see what’s possible;)


*(with an included talk on the Monday evening)

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