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Next Immersion

Sept 16th - 17th 2023
SATURDAY 7:30am-6pm

& SUNDAY 7:30am - 2:30pm



No pre-requisites – can be taken for Personal or Professional Development

or Discounted Option for those doing Full 280hr-500hr Teacher Training


Learn how to deal with excessive thinking ~ Make space


Weather you are wanting an opportunity to indulge in Yin Self Development Immersion / Self Retreat using Yin Yoga as a way to wind down in the beautiful location of the Sunshine Coast OR use this as a pathway to embark on your Mindfulness Based Yin Yoga Teacher Training – we have options for both!


Enjoy our Immersion – 2 Day Yin Yoga with Suzie Kellet along with Guest Teacher in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can also attend our extended modules in the Mindfulness Meditation Series with founder of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Tammy Williams – these are rewarding pathways to serve you with “making space” in body and mind, along with in-depth high quality trainings to help you as a Teacher or Health /Wellness professional to support your clients or students in new ways. 

Indulge in Yin Feature Classes based on Chinese Meridian Theory , using Mindful Themes associated with each of the pairs of Meridian Organs (see more below) helping you to explore the links between the body and the mind and become more self aware. 

They say we store our issues in our tissues, just like we brush our teeth everyday to take care of our oral hygiene – think of this as flossing for the entire inner body and nervous system and with the added benefits of the Mindfulness Training – you are clearing out mental obstacles as you journey through this training. 

You’ll walk away feeling like you have cleared out and freed up tension, learnt new tools to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ and renew your perspective putting your health and wellbeing as a top priority so you can truly “be there” for those you love in your life ! 


$990 - 2 DAY YIN IMMERSION plus Self Paced Yin Classes in person or live online

SATURDAY 16TH 7:30am - 6:30pm
SUNDAY 17TH 7:30am-2:30pm

(Note finishing times may vary slightly if breaks are shorter)
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Terms and Conditions

Strictly no refunds unless a course is cancelled by Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia.

Optional Extra with Tammy Williams Founder of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Aust

Several Pathway Options from 30hr Foundations up to 200hr Speciality Certificate

Contact us for further details - individual modules below can be taken or Bundle Options at a discount

Offered both in person or live onilne

** For those who are not already Teachers you are welcome to do the above Modules as Self Practice Immersions and add our Long Slow Deep Teacher Training & our 40 hour Teaching Foundations Module in order to reach the required 200 hour Certiication for Teaching Yoga.

Course Prospectus

CEC’s Accredited towards

Understand the nature of the mind because the mind effects everything!



Tammy Williams ~
Founder / Author of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Teacher Training Pgms

Certified Clinical Trauma Health Professional / Clinical Nurse /
Trauma Aware Mindfulness Therapist
Certified Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer

I noticed both Mindfulness, various forms of Meditation & Yoga together (delivered in a therapeutic way)  was something that was effective in helping others deal with different forms of pain and process their own life events. I began consulting to Private Retreats, & Rehabilitation Programs, Hospitals, Schools, EAS for the QLD Police Force, to deliver training or one on one Coaching in Mindfulness Based Personal & Professional Development. 

I went on to open Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia , a Yoga & Mindfulness Training School  based on the Sunshine Coast, which included an Outreach Service supporting those  in remote and regional areas. Although many initially came to learn more about Yoga or to learn to Teach, what they walked away with in addition to being Certified  to Teach  was a new level of Self Awareness and Insight that helped them to heal or let go in someway , to  re-orientate to their “why” . By going through this process of “Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training” they feel equiped to help others develop their own Yoga or Mindfulness Practice in their own unique way. 

After training hundreds of Yoga & Mindfulness Teachers both within Australia and internationally there is one consistent thing that we all seem to need and Yoga & Mindfulness Mentoring and Teacher Training helps strengthen these core needs 

– a sense of feeling safe or secure (we often feel the flip side to this and be filled with self doubt) 

– a sense of contentment (often there can be that sense of not having or being enough) 

– a sense of connection (when we feel disconnected, lonely or lost can be one of the most debilitating impacts on our overall health & wellbeing) 

Empowering someone to feel like they do have a sense of agency and control over these core needs is at the heart of my Mindfulness Mentoring & Teacher Training Programs. Although I have been practicing Yoga for well over twenty years, and training others to Teach or Mentoring them – I am a ‘forever’ student myself. I am passionate about continual evidence base and personal wisdom from life experience that we all have. 

Together I believe we can move toward a lot more ‘ease’ than ‘dis-ease’ in our body, mind and heart from time on the Yoga Mat, in personal reflection during mentoring, group discussions and letting yourself get out there and learn from having fun in nature, with music or the arts and most importantly not ‘doing’ much at all. (Something we may all need to re-learn) – which is why Mindfulness & Yin together is healing. 

Suzie Kellet - Certified 500hr ERYT & Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer

In 2011 where I found yoga at my local gym. At that time in my life, I worked as a Scenes of Crime Officer for the Queensland Police Service, with years of accumulated exposure to traumatic scenes taking a significant toll on my physical health, mental health, and personal and professional relationships.  The accumulation of these effects ultimately led to physical illnesses and a diagnosis of complex PTSD, clinical depression, and anxiety.  My body forced me to listen and make some life-saving adjustments.

Healing from trauma requires investing in yourself and learning self-compassion, kindness and patience.  It is learning to develop self-worth and allow permission to have good and bad days.  Healing teaches us how to be with what is and let go of trying to make good things happen.  Instead, we learn to hold a space for what is happening now, whether good or bad, so we can be in the present moment and truly experience that all modes of being are temporary and feelings and thoughts pass through us like a breeze.

Suzie completed Yoga NRG Level 1 Teacher Training, Mindfulness Teacher Training & further one on one Mentoring with Tammy Williams , along with ongoing practice of Zen Meditation. 

“I surrounded myself with a network of support integrating modern western medicine and psychotherapies and eastern yogic practices and mindfulness.  I became responsible for my mental health and acquired tools and strategies to live better, healthier, and happier and heal from suffering.  New practices slowly birthed new attitudes and outlooks to life which supported the exploration of new techniques to add to my healing tool kit, drawing from these to self-regulate and ease times of suffering.  This truly self-empowering process sees me today no longer reliant on western medicine and psychotherapies.

The healing journey is not smooth sailing, but with the right tools, we can shelter through the storms and build resilience to take stock of what is essential and what is not.  We can develop the strength to let in what we are genuinely feeling, listen with kindness, release ourselves from the bondage of our suffering and heal”.

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