Mindful Core Yoga - Blending Mindfulness Pilates & Yoga





35 Hours (25 Contact Hours + 10 Non Contact Hours

Comprehensive Manuals Texts
Sequence Sheets

Downloadable Classes & Meditation

No Pre-requisites (Note a minimum of 200HR is required for certification}

Early Bird $850
(until 8th jan 2022) Full Price $990
$710 (Bundle Package Option with 200 hour or 500 hour Teacher Training

45 Hours Given Toward Full 500 HR YTT with Yoga NRG

In Person &/or live online
feb 18th-20th 2021



Introduction to Foundation of NRG & Mindfulness Based Core Yoga

Applying the Eight Limbs of Yoga to Mindfulness Core Yoga

Benefits of MBCY

A Mindful Approach to Core Awareness & an Introduction to The Subtle Body ~ The Subtle Body includes not only the more Subtle Regions of our Core , this includes an integration of Mind in all of it’s Subtle aspects. The Mind & Body are intricately connected , you will learn how our Mind, Core Values & Beliefs that we hold can show up in the body and better still how we can skilfully work with this using a Mindful Toolkit 

Core / Pilates Foundations and using the Pilates / Corgeous Ball to activate , control and let go 

Postures of a Mindfulness Based Core Yoga Class

Pranayama  ~ Specific Breathing Meditations for creating focus, freedom & ‘space’ 

Mudras for Mindfulness Based Core Yoga  ~ Yoga in your Hands that helps strengthen specific qualities of Mind within Mindfulness Based Core Yoga 

Meditations to use in conjunction with this blend of Yoga & Pilates rich in tradition and adaptive to suit many health & wellness environments 

Mindful Philosophy & key Yoga Sutras that help support our inner & outer strength stability & ease (Mentally & Physically) 

How & Who we can help with this specific style of Mindfulness Based Core Yoga. 

Meet your Lead Facilitators for Mindful Core Yoga Teacher Training

Lee Churcher is bubbly, light & yet humble with decades of experience as an International Teacher of Pilates & Yoga Teacher, she is also a PT, a Mum who absolutely loves learning. Lee completes multiple trainings each year & has a passion for variety, without losing the potency of being able to teach key foundations effectively with safety & simplicity. Lee has completed multiple certifications in Pilates, along with a Master Certificate in Functional Fitness. Expect to learn safe foundation and unpack how to safely progress and build on these intricate layers within the body to help maintain physical & mental fitness. 

Lee has trained and has taught on Yoga NRG Retreats and brings with her a broad range of knowledge and experience and light hearted Scottish passion & humour. Lee’s also been known to belt out the odd Line Dancing Session & Awesome Senior Classes in our Local Community  . Not to mention great playlists and a love for mixing up sequences using Pilates soft balls & more to help nourish core, glutes and more. 

Tammy Williams is the Founder / Author of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Teacher Training Programs and Lead Teacher Trainer. After having had back injuries from nursing & other injuries from Surfing like meniscus tears, Tammy is super passionate about training others to teach the healing benefits of this special blend of Mindfulness Meditation Yoga & Pilates. The perfect blend for those who need support physically, or even those who love multi modalities to strengthen their Mindfulness & Align with their Core Values in what ever they are doing – this is for you.

“I love Yoga & Mindfulness as a way of life and naturally over time have brought these in to any physical training I do – I enjoy pilates &  the core stability that it brings. I was once asked to deliver a presentation at a Fitness Expo on Abs – although everyone was expecting how to get a six pack perhaps I spoke about the importance of pelvic floor and more. After all a six pack is no good to you in your later years if you are incontinent (I may have put it another way;) – it’s to highlight this training is not just about a ‘hard core workout’ – it goes deeper than that. Although we will have some fun and will feel the fitness benefits, this will include some Mindful Gems to consider in daily life for you & your loved ones. 

This has been many years in the making created over time from an accumulation of what I enjoy and what I have used to help myself and others in many ways.  It goes beyond the Core (Abs) and includes one of my favourite topics The Subtle Body.

What I hope to deliver in the Teacher Training within the personal development components is to give you the time and space to feel, heal & create your own sequencing / delivery style inspired by the contemplations & special activities we offer you in the Training.  No doubt the group dynamic will create learning that is unique also.  I also love what Lee brings in her teaching. We both have a love for all modalities & the bagpipes;) – so who knows what the training will bring (definitely some interesting playlists perhaps) & some peace and quiet to tune in to you & your most subtle components.