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Mindfulness Made Simple by Tammy Williams

Mindfulness Made Simple


The benefits of mindfulness are plentiful, and have

A ripple effect

You do not need to stop your thoughts, or sit for long periods in agony with enlightened gurus

It doesn’t need to be complex


Pick something you do every day

Brushing your teeth, sipping your tea

Or driving on the highway


Deliberately bring these tasks into new light

Things you may usually do on auto pilot, and instead

Notice your sense of touch, smell and sight.


When eating notice texture, heat, cool and flavour,

Your sense of taste

Put your whole heart into what you’re doing

Savouring each moment so you do not waste


As the kettle boils, listen to the rubbles

Of the bubbles

Each unique little sound

Refine the art of listening

To all that’s around


By bringing your attention

To all of your senses of what is happening right now

Treating each task, just as sacred

As saying your vows


Making a commitment

To what’s taking place

Honing into your senses

Gives the mind back its space


Notice when you focus

On just one sense,

How it draws you in

This is where “quality” of life

Truly begins







Mindfulness does not have to be complex

Or hard to do

It can be prompted

By the question

“Where are you?”


Your senses are a gift,

Like the little bread crumbs of Hansel & Gretel’s trail

Keep following them “home” &

You will not fail


So much to be felt, seen

And heard

The sip of your tea

The sound of a bird


The mind has many thoughts

That can take you off track

Put your whole heart into what you’re doing

To help bring you back


What you are doing is there to be savoured

Not just ticked off the list

Life is there to live it fully

Life is not to be missed.



Tammy xox


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Enjoy your practice – what ever it is you are doing.


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