Mindfulness of Justification and Judgement ~ Power Yoga

Challenge for your Tuesday
Watch the need to justify or condemn come up
“To live completely, fully, in the moment is to live with what is, the actual, without any sense of condemnation or justification – then you understand it so totally that you are finished with it. When you see clearly the problem is solved”


You will not see if you are hooked by judging or justifying
Judging and justifying are poor methods to keep you safe
There’s another method more sustainable, more freeing
Sit still
Practice being with these transient states long enough that you see them for what they are
If you struggle with it, like most of us do, find a teacher or group to help you sit and be
Over time looking curiously at justifications or judgements that may arise
Softening your skin around them
Breathing with them
Not to get rid of anything
Because they are not fixed
(Unless you believe them)

Spending time working on your Core Beliefs in Mindfulness Meditation can be one of the most valuable practices to set you free from suffering

Mind made.

Although there’s a level of discomfort initially it is not long lasting like the suffering that can come from misunderstanding the nature of what arises in the mind and body

This is why Yoga when practised in all its eight limbs with Mindfulness is / can be called “Power Yoga”

Anything that helps you to see
You are already free
Is Powerful

Sometimes it helps to move dynamically to release tension
Other times it’s even more helpful to just sit , see why the tension is there in the first place , and realise through “understanding” there is a way to be free of it.

The mind often creates more kinks in your body than anything else
So it makes sense to understand both our physicality and mentality .
The two are connected.

Your attitude you bring to the table is your biggest asset. That’s why the Pillars of Mindfulness and understanding what they mean at their depth are useful.

We all have judgement
And humans can and will justify anything

We all have a choice to unhook
To take a deeper look

This is part of Meditation
This is part of practising Yoga

It’s worth the challenge because you are no longer suffering unnecessarily
When challenges arise you have a valuable tool kit and technique
You can better deal with obstacles , and understand the anatomy of core beliefs
Without being hijacked by the strong feelings of defeat.

Yoga and Mindfulness is a way to strengthen what you value most of all.
It has a Ripple Effect not only for your body and mind but for everyone you love and share your life with.
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