Mindfulness Training of Clarifying ~ Not knowing can cause stress. But what the mind makes up in the meantime can cause even more anxiety

People learn and continue to practice Mindfulness Meditation for many reasons ~ to improve sleep, manage anxiety, increase focus and concentration. One of the biggest benefits though is the ripple effect it has on the quality of our relationships.

Especially the one we have with our own mind which effects EVERYTHING!

Mindfulness not only helps with clarity of mind. Overtime regular practice helps us accept that it is human nature to misunderstand and be misunderstood
It also helps us if we choose, to develop the skills and courage to clarify what someone meant before taking things personally. This comes from seeing that what the mind does automatically isn’t always accurate. The mind can be so quick to jump to conclusions.
This isn’t a problem when we see it, then question it. It is a problem when we get caught up in the stories of the mind and base our decisions or behaviour on false assumptions. Especially without all of the information.

Not having all the information can cause stress, but most of the stress escalates by what the mind makes up in the meantime.

To seek clarification takes a lot of courage.
Although authenticity and having open conversations can be uncomfortable…. They do not cause the long term suffering that assuming what others meant without clarification does.

When we are stressed, lacking sleep, under nourished (that not only applies to our food, but our sense of support)
We perceive things differently.

Getting to know your own mind and it’s familiar stories, especially what it does when under pressure or confused can be so helpful. Learning to question the thoughts that cause suffering is one of the most useful and kind skills we can develop. Not only for our own sake but for those around us.

Mindfulness is a form of intimacy

But it takes bravery & humility. Learning to sit still and be with the mind and all of its story lines without needing to act on them can be a saving grace. Overtime it can give you the gifts of enjoying the space you have created from keeping life simple.

Step 1 is learning how to step back and not be hijacked from the complexities of a fearful mind.

PS We all have fear.

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