Lessons on Trust from the Yoga Mat for Teachers and Students by Katie Grice

In my own life:
The days I began to learn trust was the moment my life changed. The important categories of trust for me were my feelings, my body and its sensations, and the subtle, soft messages of my heart. As I grew to trust, I grew to discern where I put my trust. In what people, thoughts and guidance.

It became clear to me that to trust another, I had to trust myself. To trust that I would no longer abandon myself in the midst of how I felt, comfortable or uncomfortable. This practice of self trust and non abandonment was birthed from a past of escape, distraction and fixing?mentality.

I also began to trust people with there own lives, and adopted the idea that what they were doing was best for them at the time and rather than try to fix? Then, I could only love them.

I did all I could from my side without over stepping my boundaries. This gave me a great deal of peace and the balance between kind action and kind acceptance.


In my Yoga practice:
I was able to use Yoga as an opportunity to cultivate more self trust by deeply becoming mindful of my body and feelings. Yoga helped me to show up as I was and be ok with that.

To feel my feelings through a greater awareness and willingness to experience life. The more I felt, the more I trusted life was offering what I needed in that moment. As I trusted my feelings, I was better able to act on them and regardless on the outcome, I came back to trusting the unfolding of life.

Trust, to me really became about observing and listening to life, inside and outside, and being courageous enough to be willing to fall and be caught. And if another wasn’t there to
catch me, it didn’t matter because I was there.

During my practice of yoga, I listened and trusted in the inner guidance of my body, and adjusted my practice accordingly. The messages from my body were never a problem, it was the loudness of the mind that distorted the messages. Yoga was my time to train and befriend my mind so I could find more stillness to listen to my body and breath. I trusted my body was telling me the truth, and it hasn’t failed me once.


In my yoga teaching:
When I sink into self trust, I feel a great sense of ease in my teaching, helping me feel more centred. Trusting in what I deliver, and how I deliver is extremely important to me in
my teaching. This avoids any self condemnation or judgement after a class.
When I can stand in the mentality that whatever class I present to students, no matter how good or bad, is what needed to unfold. Perhaps to teach me more about what I need to change, what more I can bring to a class next time or what I need to keep. Whatever it is, I trust myself to follow this guidance and continually learn from it, time and time again.

Katie Grice

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