You are currently viewing Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training helps you to Overcome all sorts of Challenges

Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training helps you to Overcome all sorts of Challenges

Waking up feeling out of sorts, unclear on your purpose, or like you’ve already got too much on your plate or feeling disconnected & “calm” feels out of reach right now ~ know you are not alone!

A lot of people may think Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training is just for those who want to teach, or learn a set sequence of a Yoga Class and away you go.

During NRG Training programs these beautiful people

✔️Learn they DO have what it takes to help others
✔️To overcome Anxiety Depression
✔️To get clear what it is they really want for themselves &
✔️How they can best heal (what ever it is that’s going on for them personally) & the best bit…..
✔️Turn their Struggles into their biggest strengths so they too can be of service & help others

In the process yes they do
✔️Develop physical & mental fitness
✔️ Get their digestion system running better
✔️ Let go of the stuff that’s harming them the most (maybe that’s why their body begins to feel so much better)

These programs are infused with the 27 years of clinical background in Health & the chosen niche I’m so passionate about which is using my skills from the Clinical Sciences & Yogic Roots to help people overcome their stumbling blocks.
Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training is a Training Ground for that

Our next Training Immersion ~ Mindfulness Level 1 & 2 starts October (Early Bird Bundle Available)

These are our Pre Requisites for our Trauma Aware Mindfulness Speciality Program & Level 3 Mindfulness.
They also give you hours toward full 300hr & 500hr Certification in Yoga & Mindfulness to gain insurance to teach

Any questions DM or arrange a time to chat about which programs may suit where you’re at


Here are the links.

Mindfulness Level 1 Teacher Training

Mindfulness Level 2 Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr

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