You are currently viewing What I learnt during Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training inspired by The Eight Limbs of Yoga by Natalie Bush

What I learnt during Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training inspired by The Eight Limbs of Yoga by Natalie Bush

Through studying the eight limbs they have taught me a lot, how to listen to my body and know when I need to rest and not judge myself for taking that rest. To admit when I need help and stay true to what I believe in, not changing my beliefs just to fit in or please someone else. That I need to be kind to myself and not compare myself to others, just be content within myself. Know that I am enough and everything I need to be happy is already inside of me, I just have to wake up and realise that. By being kind to myself I have to learn not to steal my confidence with unkind words, steal my time by rushing through things to get to the next job and much more. Learning to truly love and accept myself for who I am. I find practising yoga has really helped me with this, to just let go of all worries and be there fully on the mat and take the experience as it comes whether it is positive or negative. I have found that setting an intention before practice and focusing on my breath has helped me with staying present. By discovering the power of letting go and just showing up on the mat even if I don’t feel like being there has helped me to truly surrender to each pose. Not letting situations take away from me being in that present moment. Not letting the little upsets in life carry on for too long. Whenever I am upset, I now sit with that feeling for a while but I don’t add any stories to it, then when I’m ready I let it go, I visualise a stream and watch it wash down. I find whenever I do yoga now, I am refreshed and energised to take on the day and I have learnt to not judge my body for the things it can’t do as one side of our body is always going to be different than the other.

a lot of the girls I teach don’t do much meditation so I try and do only 10 minutes and supporting them when they say they can’t do it. Letting them know that thoughts are normal, it’s just learning to not get caught up in the story line. A few of them even told me they couldn’t mediate and I use to think that I couldn’t as well but through doing this course I must admit I am so wrong! I have been doing daily meditation for a while now and I have found that it’s the best way to intimately connect with my body. I still have moments where my mind wanders off, but I don’t get frustrated now or upset I just acknowledge the thought then gently ask my mind to come back to my breath.




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