Chair Yoga Training & Yoga Nidra to open the heart

“Supportive Strengthen+ Surrender” Mindfulness Based Chair Yoga + Nidra Feature with Tammy Williams

chair yoga 2
You will be surprised how deeply you can work with support !
This Feature is not only for students or teachers that wish to experience alternative ways to practice Yoga postures it is also for Yoga Students and Teachers to experience different methods to deepen certain postures using support and mindful cueing.

This 90 minute Feature Class in a warm studio for your comfort will incorporate support using chairs, walls and props to help:
Support students who maybe compromised or restricted in their capacity and also to
Help advance and deepen postures for students who wish to use the chair to take postures to a different level
The feature class will have droplets of Yogic Philosophy from the Sutras to help deepen your understanding of how finding your “seat” can help serve every relationship in your life.
To finish Tammy will lead a Yoga Nidra Meditation
(* Numbers limited due to chairs available so Bookings Essential!)

chair yoga

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