The Mindful Art of Just Watching

A Challenge for your Tuesday : Sit back .Say nothing. And observe.

While training others to teach Yoga + Mindfulness the wisdom that students find in just watching speaks a thousand words. This goes beyond watching others, how the body moves, how the breath works. It’s first and foremost watching the mind.

Can you imagine taking a skillful action like this into life? The ability to Say nothing and simply watch. It may sound simple and be easy when you are interested.

What about when your buttons are pushed or when others take the liberty on speaking or judging on your behalf. It’s natural that when people only have half of the story their minds will make up the rest. This has been trialled and tested thousands of times in some of the exercises I runin mentoring and Mindfulness Training. It’s funny to watch then because as a group we all realise this is what minds do ~ they think they know! But how quickly we forget outside of ‘training’ and in daily life .

Mindfulness means “to remember” the rest is just a long story Sit back Say nothing And observe. You can learn a lot from just watching.

(Inspired from my own life, with a little helping hand from one of my mentors Dan Millman, Socrates and Yogi Berra #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulnessteachertraining #yoganrg #wordsofwisdom #thehiddenschool

I highly recommend all books by Dan Millman. Congratulations Dan Millman on your latest book The Hidden School. A pleasure to have learned lessons from you and fond memories walking at your side through the botanical gardens in Brisbane listening and sitting . Namaste


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