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Mindfulness & Yoga helps us Prioritize much better

An example is the best teacher. Little eyes are always watching & learning.
How awesome if they can see how their parents and big people around them care for themselves and receive support from each other.

Trying to fit everything in and do it all on your own has a very short shelf life. If it’s longevity you want then find another way to place your important priorities first
(Yoga Teachers, Health Professionals, Corporate workers….you too (we can be the worst examples at times in practicing what we preach)😬 But remember little eyes are always watching and learning not from what you say but from what you do. (We’ve all had little eyes before & we are all still learning to take better care.

Thanks to Sarah & Otis here 📸 for being shining examples and spreading such joy in this moment x
(Happy birthday Sarah) Otis, you have a very special Mum

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