Mindfulness for your Monday

We all react at times
We all dig in our heels
It can be challenging to stick to the facts without taking them personally
Because of how we feel

Sometimes we react & that’s ok, let it become the Teacher.

The difference between a reaction & a chosen and skillful response is not what it looks like on the outside or how it may be perceived or received. It’s how it feels for you on the inside.

If it’s a reaction, something will feel a little off inside

It can feel like a dog with a bone where you don’t want to let go of whatever “it” is

There can be a strong sense of justification, inner dialogue of why you are right and they are wrong perhaps (as just one eg.)

Thoughts that feel sticky, that start distracting you and getting in the way of you being present & living life

Mindfulness has methods to work with these sticky thoughts and challenging feelings.

Ways to be less distracted, saving, not wasting, your precious time.
It helps you prioritize better & focus more effectively on that which you are dealing

Training in Mindfulness or learning to teach it can be an important part of resolving inner reactivity, which is part of the healing

This is why Mindfulness is a practice, something that has existed for thousands of years

It’s still around & popular today because it helps us to understand our inner tears & overcome our deepest fears

Fears like being walked all over, not belonging, being smart enough, having anything of value to offer
Or fears of being alone or getting older.

Mindfulness is more than just being present, although it’s simple but profound

It can help your mind & heart process grief, find relief, from all that goes on inside you or around you.

It’s evidenced-based,
its goal is to help relieve unnecessary mind made suffering to give you back your time & space

To resolve the reactivity & to regain self-trust to notice & respond to Grace
Namaste 🙏

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