The Yoga of Being Truthful in your Relationships – Yoga Teacher Training

Sometimes our biggest blocks to the yoga poses is our state of mind. This is why the first two Limbs of Yoga help us with the study of Relationship ~ So here is Day 2 focusing on the Yama of Satya (and a sprinkle of Saucha the first of Niyamas)

?A Challenge for yr Tuesday : Confrontation with compassion.
Confrontation for me is uncomfortable but untruth & inauthenticity is far more uncomfortable.
Being aware of the reality that life is short, helps with the clarity of the type of relationships you wish to persue or create.
Before I get to perfecting triangle pose or one armed handstand lotuses although this can be fun and has many benefits! …
I come back to the first two limbs which when practiced have even more benefits
The first two Limbs (Yamas & Niyamas) is the Yoga of relationship
It’s hard to quiet the mind (which is what the poses are designed for)
If we do not develop the courage to be open yet kind

Confrontation with compassion
Is choosing to be clear
Despite what people will think or what we fear

It’s not about who’s right
Or who’s wrong
It’s about cultivating compassion
So your heart can be strong

Strong enough to face our fears of not getting our needs met, fears of losing what we have, fears that we will not be enough
But what you gain in the process of daring to be open, honest and let yourself be seen
Is wholehearted relationships that are clean (Saucha)

Without this they do not last for long
Without authenticity they will not be strong
One way to practice the Yoga of Saucha (purity) is to clean up loose ends
Despite what your ego fears & recommends

Sometimes it’s a battle of knowing when to speak up or “keep the peace”
But withholding truth (Satya) you will never be at ease
Sometimes it’s confrontation with compassion
That can set you and them free.
Without daring to be open
You will not be able to “see” things

Even though it’s awkward and uncomfortable to do
You are opening a more truthful door
For both of you
Enjoy your practice of taking your Yoga off the mat and into your relationships …. your poses will feel even better because of it.


Tammy xox yoga 1 yoga 2

PICTURED : Kea, Ruth, Rose and Carmel – our Teacher Trainees in Port Macquarie practice teaching during their training.
A big thanks to Innovate Body Mind for hosting Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Teacher Training in Port Macquarie


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