Resist The Urge of Being Defensive : Mindfulness Training

We have all fallen into the who’s right who’s wrong trap which to my experience so far has always increased stress not relived it.

Below some Mindfulness Poetry on Urge Surfing those strong sensations we feel when someone says something or does something that we take to heart.  Enjoy your Mindfulness Practice:



by Tammy Williams

Resist the urge to be defensive.
Meditation teaches us nothing stays the same.
It also helps the body recover from mistaken threats, or tendencies to blame.
Over time you begin to see.
Most things people do or say
“is not about me”
We can all relate to being under stress
Which causes the mind to see things as a constant threat.
The next time someone blames, remember you probably have too
Because stress effects us all and can cloud
Our point of view
When we defend it sends a message to the body to get ready to fight
We forget to be mindful, we tend to lose sight
It does not deny the value of keeping yourself safe
Anger is sometimes warranted
But do not hate.
When we put our hearts into what we do
It’s easy to begin to cling and hold on to
Overdoing anything can cause us to defend
If you do not let your body & mind rest
You can go around the bend
There is value in vulnerability
And honesty as skilful means
A sign of integrity & humility
And courage to be truly seen
Although this feels uncomfortable
It signals to the brain
That we are not separate from each other
We are actually all the same!
When we take time to sit
And let ourselves be
When we are triggered by others
We remember
They are just like me

Defend less

Soften the shoulders , release the jaw
Practice Mindfulness

‘Be’ more



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