Mudras for Mindfulness Training – Abhaya Mudra the Mudra for Protection and Reassurance

This Abhaya Mudra is said to be a mudra of protection, reassurance and blessing.

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Cues ~ Hold the right hand up at about chest level, in a half prayer position

Lay the left palm on the thigh/lap area pointing upward .

It is the gesture linked to the moments following enlightenment where we can be reassured that we all have the right to awaken from ‘mind made’ suffering.  Suffering from getting caught up in attachment, aversion or delusion (confusion) .

I personally enjoy using this Mudra as a reminder we have more protection than we think, weather it be reflecting on all of the great beings that may have gone before us, or around us that continually contribute to our well being (weather it be your loved ones, your pets or those who may have challenged you…. all contribute to the experiences you have.  These experiences become the teacher.

Hand gestures in Yoga commonly known as Mudras reflect aspects of enlightenment.  A state that helps us live the life we are having rather than reject it or miss out on it because we are fearful of what may happen.

Little gestures like Abhaya Mudra when done or seen can be a reminder that we are all blessed and protected .  The mere thought of all that you have in your life that reflects this can build and strengthen new neural pathways to help balance out the negativity bias that sometimes has us fighting and fleeing the ‘what if’s’ in life from our automatic reactions to “perceived” threat.

There has also been studies linking certain movements in the fingers to the the respiratory system and breathing patterns.

There are many ways to help us find ‘power in the pause’ Mudras for Mindfulness are just one of them .

Enjoy your Mudras for Mindfulness Practice




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