Mindfulness of Red Zone

So what happens when we are in the “Red Zone”? ~ Fight Flight Freeze or Please.  Signs within our way of thinking or way of being can indicate whether we are in the Red Zone or Green Zone. Both are normal in life, however, although the Red Zone can be useful to get us out of danger or threatening situations, we wouldn’t want to live there

Here is why (check out the diagram below) that shows the reactions that take place when we react with fight, flight, freeze, or trying to people please habitually

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.54.49 pm

Have you heard the saying “If all you have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail”

When we are in the Red Zone, we do not perceive things accurately and this can cause us to react more of the time.  The more we react, the more we react, the more we react!

The great thing about Mindfulness is it helps us regulate strong emotions, increase our ability to dis-identify and over time we begin to calm down our reactivity.  By cultivating more of the GREEN ZONE we can handle the Red Zone situations in life with more ease.

So some simple Green Zone Cultivation Practices:

1.  Take in the good of the Sunrise, Sunset or a good cup of tea

2.  Bookend your day with a Three Minute Breathing Space

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3.  Defend less, breathe more



To learn more on the Brain Science and Benefits of Mindfulness and to develop your practice – CLICK HERE 

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