Mindfulness & Yoga Being Used by Doctors & Surgeons for clarity and to help cancer patients

Doctor Emilia Dauway who completed our Yoga NRG Teacher Training last year in Gladstone sharing her passion for yoga & mindfulness with this years grads. Emilia travels and volunteers as a surgeon in missions and spoke about how now part of the equipment on the must bring list for all on the team is a yoga mat. They practice yoga and meditate prior to surgery. Emilia spoke about ways she is integrating mindfulness into her role as a Doctor, taking time out to meditate to get clarity before operating and also how she is using Mindfulness in her yoga programs for post operative patients.

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You are an inspiration Emilia ! Thankyou for sharing. Penny Margaret (pictured with you) making herself at home Look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay tuned for more via our interview and chat with Emilia who will also be on the coast next year doing our Yoga NRG Mentoring Program ~

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