Mindfulness and Integration of the Brain – How it can help us when we flip our lid inspired by Dr Dan Siegel

One of the key factors to our health and wellbeing is integration. How well we understand and can put into practice the mind and the bodies ability to connect.

Below is a short clip from Dr Dan Siegel, author of ‘Mind’ that shows a quick and very useful hand model of the brain, the process and importance of integration.

In our Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training, we spend time on putting the theory into practice to not only help optimise our understanding but to inspire our practice so what we are learning helps us in our day to day relationships (both on and off the Yoga Mat)

Understanding the importance of integration is something that the Yogis have been teaching for thousands of years in the Eight Limbs of Yoga and we are so lucky in this day and age that science is helping to give an evidence base to the far-reaching benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

Enjoy the clip click here or the image below

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 6.22.42 am

Learning what the mind is, how it is affected in sickness and in health can help us help ourselves and each other. In Dr Seigals book, he inspires the reader to reflect on relationships and asks to consider this process of integration. Respecting each others differences while promoting compassionate connections.

This neurobiology is interwoven into the methods we use in our Teacher Training processes when training to teach Yoga and or Mindfulness. Being able to tune in to the internal world of another and honouring that subjective experience enables understanding and connection. One of the key muscles we work on building is curiousity and that in itself helps us to step out of automatic judgement on ourself or others in order to understand and relate more.  We do not have to be the same to relate.

What’s great about integrating Mindfulness with movement is not only can we learn from making shapes on the yoga mat, we can learn what ‘moves’ us inside. In my experience so far there is nothing more ‘moving’ than feeling connected inside yourself, with others and with nature.  When we are stressed, flipping our lid there are ways to put the lid back on so we can enjoy the life that we are so lucky to have.  This practice is Mindful Yoga.


We look forward to sharing more on the  Eight Limbs of Yoga and The Foundations of Mindfulness or for Private Programs / Sessions on Mindfulness Based Integrative Meditation with you. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, you not have to be young and fit, you simply need to follow a desire to want more wellness for yourself, those you care about and/or your community.


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