Assisting and Adjusting Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Spend time listening and watching in life. This sharpens your senses. This will be a great source of support for others, and all the support you may need.


We can practice this art by practising Yoga, learning to teach it. We may learn that everyone’s skeleton is different for example some of us may need more space for the lower back so coming up onto the balls of the feet to help with that. Other times we may need to work to the degree or angle that honours the amount of tension or compression we have (eg if we do not have the wrist flexibility or how strong we get in the way of being able to open up just that little bit more)

A teacher is someone who helps you learn from your own wisdom. That wisdom comes from sharpening your senses to what you are feeling and noticing how things may change over time.

They honour & understand sometimes you need more space and sometimes you need to hold on for support.

But ultimately they see that it may look different for every physical body. The Art of Listening and Watching can be a great source of support.

Here Barry Dickson in wheel pose. Nicole Eagan & Josh watching. Me ~ I’m not cranking Barry into the pose or focusing on him nailing wheel pose. I’m observing his breathing. The breath tells us a lot not just on the yoga mat! I’ve asked permission to support and after working with Barry closely asking “what are you feeling” learning about his personal skeleton, noticing proportion, compression, tension. But most of all we apply our poses to the bigger picture called life. We all learn to sharpen our senses in this process of practising, observing, learning to teach Yoga. Not for the pose but so we realise how we can be present for the life we have and the special people in it. Learning to Assist & Adjust in Yoga teaches you to really “see” differences but ultimately our underlying similarities we all need support. The light in you is the same as the light in me.

Looking forward to our next Training on Assist Adjusting. Please click here for more information.


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