The Yoga of Being a Mum – Karma Yoga by Faraday (Yoga NRG Teacher Trainee from Bowen , QLD Australia)

Karma Yoga

To me, Karma Yoga is being pacticed every day, and every night here in my life.
As a mother, we do thankless jobs and tasks all day and all night. The selflessness of being a parent is terribly hard to describe. But these beautiful humans we have created deserve everything we can possibly give.

Being a mom is the most rewarding and also the most thankless job that exists. From the first day I got home with the first born I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride. I get it wrong usually before I get it right, but its all part of this crazy journey.

From not knowing what the cries mean to not knowing the right temp of the bath, and learning to function with the daily lack of sleep just to name a few. Now its more about potty training and time outs… But all of it is learning. Learning about them but also really learning about myself. I am here to teach but so are they.

My kids have helped me to become the person I strive to be. They have helped me shed the baggage of anything I was holding on to- especially all the stuff from my child hood. We are conditioned to think there is one way to parent, but actually there is only your way. And your way can’t be labled as right or wrong, its just your way. Kinda like your yoga.

This life I am in now that is as thankless as it is rewarding is better than I ever imagined. When my boys are sick, all the smells, all the fluids , all over me… I am there. I am there to do whatever they need to be comfortable and feel safe. And it feels amazing.


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