Mindfulness Meditation of forgiveness and letting go~Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

One of my favourite quotes comes from Ghandi. He says,

Ghandi quote

It can be easy to be triggered or tossed about by others which can set off a chain reaction of excessive thinking which can “muddy” the mind.

The big question is, is it worth your time?

The style of Long Slow Deep Yoga can slow the excessive thinking down and stretch out and release anything we’ve been holding on to. By not allowing people to walk through your mind with their dirty feet is not only a sign of deep understanding of human nature but an act of self respect .

Although I’ve learnt this the hard way or rather let’s reframe that, the bumpy ride has been something I’m so grateful for. What practising Yoga + Meditation has taught me is to ask better questions.

To base actions on greater intentions not on what you “don’t want to happen” .

This is a great energy saver! And you are certainly worth it!

It’s another way to practice yoga.

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Namaste ?
Tammy xox

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