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Mindfulness of “Core” Strength & The Solar Plexus – What the Yogis call the Seat of our Will

I once got asked to deliver a feature class and talk at a fitness expo about the importance of the Core . There can be an over emphasis on the abs and the good ol 6 pack

However I’m far more fascinated by the Subtle Body “Core” called the Solar Plexus in Yoga which governs the Seat of our Will Power and it’s connections to the choices we make in life.
What we say yes and no to & why, and how alignment or misalignment between our Core Values effects our health & quality of life overall
I’m also pretty keen after nursing for decades  to do what I can to maintain the health of the pelvic floor …
After all what good is a 6 pack if you are 💩incontinent or discontent later in life once once gravity sets in 😉😉
(The feedback after this session at the Brisbane Convention Centre – was although they enjoyed a good “Core Workout” the reality check during the discussions and Q&A section was  that it will be the more Subtle things in life like the health of the Pelvic Floor and Anal Sphincter that will make the biggest difference to dignity as we age) It was also the Yogic wisdom of how learning more about the Subtle Body (thoughts , emotions, ego and more) can effect every relationship we have in life not just the one we have with our body.
The “Core” can give us insights into our strengths, it’s known by the Yogis as the Seat of the Will & has connections to motivation, resilience and our desires.

Learning to Practice Mindfulness Based Core Yoga  series although helps us to develop
Physical  Core Strength
Spinal & Pelvic Integrity including a Healthy Pelvic Floor
This series through specific
Pranayama, Meditation & Mindfulness Tools can help us with that balance between when to “charge” forward into new beginnings & when (and how!) to take our own sweet time to process what our “Gut Feelings” are intuitively trying to show us.
This 3 Way “work in” & out does more than just strengthen your abs & core. You’ll learn how to give yourself time & space to feel subtle shifts, changes & how to benefit from realigning to what your heart needs most.
Looking forward to joining up with Lee Churcher who loves a good Fun Core Workout (not to mention good playlists) and combining the very Subtle Body Practices that involve Mindfulness & Meditation, Self Development Exercises , Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.
It’s the best of both worlds for those who love that core health & fitness feeling but who are also interested in the Mind and it’s effect on the deeper layers of what makes us feel happy & healthy
It’s on in Feb 18-20
Two Options :
Teacher Certification &
Personal Self Care Immersion
Here is the link – click here 
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All welcome
Hope to see you there

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