Love Notes to an Undercover Yogi ~ Mindfulness of A Place That Feels Like Home

In Mindfulness Training there are certain contemplations that can help us build the neural pathways that connect us to a sense of well being so we can handle life with more ease.

Below is a little excerpt from the more personal part of my book which I’m taking my time and enjoying the process of writing

It gives a bit of insight into the fact the mind doesn’t always do want you want and meditation just like life isn’t always roses . But over time things that are most important get revealed.


Smells Like Home 

When asked what is home to you? 

An initial feeling of panic 

That no place feels like home

The mind during meditation searches automatic filing cabinets, throwing off the odd occasion of feeling alone

Surprisingly although there’s images of those that I love 

Also places of beauty, the surf & sea and looking up at the stars above 

It’s my sense of smell in this meditation 

That brings my attention in nice and close 

The sweet nectar like scent of a rose, running through my nose 

An image of Doug who planted it, takes me to a time

Where I would wear his jumper, it’s scent of warmth & kind

Still searching for one place that feels like home to me

Expecting it to be the ocean, due to my longing for surf & sea

Another memory comes in of Granmas cooking and Grandad showing me the stars 

The scent of my little pony & memories of learning to play the guitar 

Still wondering where is it, this place that feels like home 

Ironically when I’m on the road with Doug 

I never feel alone 

Another random memory as I sit , through the sense door of smell 

The scent of a fresh mango from Grandads tree

Is that home as well 

Thousands of life experiences seen in this meditation , recalled through the nose 

Brings me back home to feeling grateful 

From my head to my toes

Perhaps home is not a place, but the people in your life 

It’s no fixed abode 

But more like husband and wife 

~ Love Letters to an Undercover Yogi 

Happy Anniversary 

Love you with all my heart 

Thanks for making me feel at home 

Although being together is the gift 

I hope you like the poem 

xox Tamara

Finding a place like home as a formal meditation can be done in many ways to help build our own personal inner resources .

This helps us nurse strong emotions like loneliness , feeling like we don’t belong or fit in, and many other feelings that most would want to get busy in order not to feel them.

Good news is , Mindfulness offers us a way to integrate ~ to accept all parts of our life so we can continue to live the time we have left with more meaning and joy.

Although life is not always roses there is a way we can learn to pause, appreciate and smell them.

It maybe certain people, pets, places that help you recall what this place that feels like home is like viscerally . Each of us has our own unique way through our sense doors. Although it’s expressed differently for everyone , the more we pause longer enough to “remember” what it feels like despite the many other feelings that arise, the more we have access to it especially when times get tough.

In this form of meditation it’s easy for the mind to hook into identifying with the people and places and associated story lines. But with a little guidance, patience and practice we can learn to nourish in this “feeling at home” no matter where we are or even when those we love or who may have shown us the way are not with us.

Maybe nature and the many manifestations of it is your own personal Undercover Yogi and your only role is to pause and write a love letter saying Thankyou every now and again.

This maybe in the form of stopping to smell the roses and giving thanks to who planted them. We all have different names for that perhaps.

Namaste 🙏

Tammy Williams

Look forward to sharing more Love Notes to & from an Undercover Yogi to help inspire your practice of Yoga + Mindfulness on & off the mat.



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