Mindfulness made simple for Turning Distraction into Direction

Mindfulness for your Monday ~ Keep it simple by first getting the mind to concentrate. Be with each cycle of your breath until you reach the count of ten. Those of you who find they get distracted by the lower priorities in life, by teaching the mind concentration is the Pre-requisite to spending time on your bigger priorities.

It’s also the prevention to allowing (what the Yogis refer to as ) the common ‘trouble-makers’ of the human mind to creep in and rule the roost. We look at practices that are great solutions to these familiar trouble makers of the mind that can cause feelings of anxiety, doubt, worry, deflation in our Mindfulness Mentoring programs & Teacher Training @yoganrg_mindfulness_training There’s always a flip side to a red zone perspective (fight flight mode) but first it’s great to learn how to breathe properly and teach the mind concentration.

Just 3 minutes of concentration meditation (counting 1-10) with your breath can help you with not only your “To do list, but your “Not to do list) this can change your day and your life! This creates a ripple effect over time where we get to enjoy what’s in front of us more readily .

Happy Monday

Namaste 🙏

Tammy .

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