Nutrition Education and Yoga for Pregnancy and Fertility

Nutrition is extremely vital for optimising pregnancy health, birth outcomes and a healthy start for baby. Rather than waiting for symptoms to arise and feeling that you just have to deal with it, why not prevent these symptoms and conditions arising in the first place with the combination of optimal nutrition and yoga to specifically suit your current needs. Empower yourself with knowledge and education so you can give this baby and the beginning of mum life the best start you can. 

Yoga NRG will be running a series of programs for Mums to Be or wanting to be, integrating Yoga and Nutrition Education with a qualified Naturopath and Pre Natal Yoga Teacher.  Below Talita Sheedy shares some points to consider :

Preconception nutrition is not only about getting your body fertile but can prevent and reduce the symptoms of morning sickness, give your baby the BEST start to life and by having the correct nutritional status you can prevent miscarriages and complications through the pregnancy

Eating in a way that gives your body and your baby what it needs to ensure adequate growth and weight gain (without being excessive), vitality during pregnancy, contribute to an easier labour. Pregnancy can be rough with symptoms from physical to emotional but a lot can actually be prevented or treated through the correct nutrient status. 

Post-natal nutrition is a vital key to milk production for breastfeeding and the repair of the mothers body. Also with the new lifestyle with change of sleep patterns and new demands it is essential to support the body with the fuel it needs to keep up with this new chapter for a woman.

 Those who are already pregnant or preparing to be can be potentially stressful times, where there is the added pressure of dealing with change, not knowing and making space for this new chapter of life.  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programs and private Mindfulness Training is also a great option to help women and families build coping mechanisms and a healthy perspective.


 Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia) also shares :

 Mindfulness can help expectant Mums and Dads understand how to better manage stress and the fight , flight , freeze or please response and cultivate tools that build an attitude of Non Judgement, Acceptance , Trust to name a few of the Pillars of Mindfulness Practice.

The reason I am passionate about including Nutrition Education in our Yoga Programs and Teacher Training Programs comes from a quote that I have always remembered:

 “You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb”

There is a lot that goes by the way side when it comes to nutrition and understanding holistic health.

I just got a call from Toni Childs (singer / song writer) who is also raising awareness about educating ourselves when it comes to what we eat and how we cook and the associated health issues that come from the absorption of heavy metals.

 No matter how good the yoga class, yoga teacher or meditation is, if you are not eating well and absorbing then the mind and body will not function at its optimum level.  The way we perceive, process, and relate is all effected.  Therefore Nutrition effects our ability to be mindful.

And being Mindful helps us process, digest and make healthy choices. It’s all connected.


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