How Fear Makes Us Busy and How Mindfulness Makes Us Productive ~ The Say ”No” Mindfulness Challenge

No one wants to be busy but they don’t want to be “seen” as lazy or unproductive so they are

No one wants to be busy but they want status so they are

No one wants to busy or over commit but they want to be valued so they do

What is behind this business

What is it that we want

No one wants to be busy but they don’t want to feel lonely so they are

No one wants to be busy but they are fearful of not being needed so they are

Someone once said too much business and you will lose your soul

And too much soul and you will lose your busy-ness

So if you do not want to be busy slow down and feed your soul

Ask what or who is driving the busy bus

Then sit and listen to truth be told

Being busy out of being driven by fear

Is a short term fix to unwanted feelings that are not as real as they appear

Underneath the fear of not being enough will fade away

If you slow down take a breath and enjoy every step you take

Connect to worthiness of another kind

Overcome the fear of “I don’t have time”

Being the busiest is a short term survival strategy at best

For you won’t have much of a life to live left

Being busy is over-rated

And just being is under-stated

Ironically the productivity and willingness to serve

Comes from a place of knowing doing nothing but being is what you deserve

Learn to say no when you mean no

And new seeds of worthiness you will grow

Taking time to just be does not mean you don get a lot done

But what you do comes out of wanting to serve and it’s more fun

People may say oh your so busy , but this busy is a different kind

It comes from an open heart and a still mind

Being of service does not come from fear

It does not mean there’s no blood sweat and tears

It comes from a place of knowing it’s your duty , because if unfulfilled you would be letting yourself down

Living your purpose, a spark that wants to be shared while you have two feet on the ground.

Busy is not your duty, “being” truthful with how best to “live” is the goal

Leaving the place better than you found it

Not by being busy but by living with heart and soul.


No-vember Challenge

Ask yourself is what I’m saying yes to driven from fear

If it is say no and start to shift gears

Your mental health is worth it

Say no in No-vember to break your busy addiction

I don’t expect this Challenge to be popular but worthy all the same

Busy is not the same as productive

You will see

Give just “being” a go . MEDITATE

This can literally save your life.

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