THE SURFER – Learn how to wait for timely action

Hi Yogis, many of you have asked me to send you this reading (one of my favourites that I have shared in Yoga Classes – enjoy!


Watch the surfer as he paddles out to sea.  See him watching the waves, waiting for the right movement, the right timing, the right swell.

Sometimes the waves come quickly.

Sometimes he has to wait patiently, for a long time…waiting and watching before he can ride the wave.

Learn to ride the waves of ENERGY in your life.

Learn to wait for the right time to take action.

Learn to wait until all of your senses, your emotions, your body and the universe give you the signal you need.

You may have desires, goals an endless list of things you want to do.  Know that as soon as you set an intention, make your wish list and visualised what you want from your heart – you have already begun a powerful force!

You have engaged the universe in helping you.  There are moments that are more perfect than others to initiate action, to make a phone call, finish a task, speak with a friend, a lover, or even an ex-lover.

Untimely action will not get the job done any sooner. It will simply waste your energy and send you back out to sea, waiting for the right wave.

Take time to Focus, to Breath and to set an intention, muster up all of your forces within your heart and head out to sea.  Then wait patiently for the right time, for the right energy, for the right wave.

The right wave will come.

When it does, grab your board, jump on and ride it for all that it is worth!!!!

Wishing you all the ride of your life – enjoy this awesome journey.




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