What Makes a Great Teacher? – Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training Reveal the Obstacles and The Teacher

Who have been the best teachers in your life and why?

Take a moment to consider their qualities?

What do you remember them by?

I have asked this question to alot of people and not one person yet has said the one that was the most flexible.

So many people who’s lives have been changed by Yoga and yet they can be hesitant to take the most natural step forward and learn how to share what has helped them in some way

Why ?

When I ask this the answers are:

I am not flexible enough

I don’t have the right body type

I suffer from anxiety, however that is why I practice yoga

I can’t do all the poses

I am not like one of those “Authentic looking Yogis” you see

I am too old

I am not ‘hippie’ enough

I am not hip enough

Yoga is for girls isn’t it (Yoga in the East only until recently was mostly practiced and taught by men)

Here is what I have observed in training well over 200 Yoga Teachers in Yoga + Mindfulness, all of whom do not necessarily want to learn how to Teach Yoga ,some have opened their own studios, others teaching in schools, some just to be able to pass what they can onto their children, or content having worked on their own health and wellbeing.
All, however, overcame the voice in their head that doubted they could do it!

The first step which is showing up before you think you are ready

Those who have done Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training either to teach or just for Personal Development have ranged between 21 years old to 72 years old. Some have been athletes, some have had Parkinson’s, some have shown up with two broken feet, some with chronic fatigue, anxiety, some who just want to learn to be a better Mum, Dad or Brother, partner.
But I have seen every single one of them get up and teach.
What they learn from each other in this process is invaluable.

I have observed those who have “perceived” limitations make the best teachers and those without the perceived limitations learn alot just from being in their presence in the training group.  It has had nothing to do with their ability to touch their toes or the shape of their body.
In the training we educate on the skletal difference so we get to understand how we work in the body and through the mindfulness training how the mind actually works.

My favorite part in any teacher training program is watching people overcome their perceived limitations. And by far the most powerful part of any teacher is their heart.

What I have observed is, it is not necessarily the best Yoga Students (whatever that is) that always translate to being the best teacher.

Similarly, the best at the sport or the best athlete does not always make the best coach.  Not all teachers are drawn to teach others “How to Teach”

Learning the actual “How to Teach” has a lot more to it than just knowing or being able to ‘do yoga’ and learn the subject topics.
I have been fortunate enough have had 26 years as a RN during which time (due to my nurses back) started Yoga and soon became a Yoga Junkie and learn from many different teachers in many different styles worldwide. I simply wanted to learn why and how Yoga + Mindfulness worked and then bring it back to my own community and then provide outreach services and support especially those who are living remotely or in towns where they are always having to travel to do these sorts of courses. (Like I use to growing up in a small town)

It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much you can do with your body.

It is the support of not only learning but practicing the “how” and getting clear on your “why”.  Everyones aspirations for teaching and how they choose to share and express what they have loved and learned through Yoga is different.

Regardless of your perceived limitations or your aspirations for wanting to learn more about Yoga and to share it (or not) doubt your doubts and surround your self with people who say

“You can do this”

Oh and “It’s ok to be messy”

Noone needs to give you a certificate or the “right” to be enlightened at the end of the day. Personally, I find what’s more important is the process of learning how to support each other regardless.

This Teacher Training Program although you will learn various ways to deliver :

* Physcial Aspects of Yoga – Sequence Sheets

* Pranayama – Breathing methods

* Anatomy Physiology

* Physical and Subtle forms of Alignment

* Ayurveda (The Sister Science of Yoga) learning more about your own constitution and that of others.

* How to Teach and Inspire / Be inspired

* Bringing Yoga into Business / Where to from here

The key message in all of it is being Mindful of what gets in the way of you being happy and living how you want to live, sharing what you want to share.

This is what has had the biggest ripple effect!

This is why this program helps all areas in your life.

Although I doubt sometimes if sharing why I got into Yoga and talking about myself is even worthwhile….. however all I need to do to press save and send on these blogs is think of everyone of my students and teachers out their. Especially after the weekend just gone – so priveledged to be working with such a dedicated team !

Oh and the next blog is about our relationship to acknowledgement !





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