Perspective – A Poem on Mindfulness – How many more full moons by Tammy Williams

Most days I will have conversations about Yoga. Most people once they have gotten past the perceived barriers which are often myths.  For eg you have to be flexible to practice yoga, or be able to stop thinking to meditate – none of which are true.  The bigger question that most want the answer to is – how will it help me?

One of the best things practicing Yoga and Mindfulness has done for me along with learning how to teach it , is it continually gives me perspective.

The other day when I was teaching as Guest Teacher at Yoga Fest Mackay I asked the question: What was the best thing about the day so far?

None of them said, being able to nail a certain pose, not one person said getting more flexible, although strangely enough that is the biggest (initial) reason why people want to start yoga. I got answers like: connecting with people, spending time with my friend, making eye contact, seeing people smile, having some me time and keeping it simple.

I read out a couple of poems to express my own gratitude to Yoga and Mindfulness and to those who have helped me practice and inspire me to keep practicing/teaching.

Here is one of them below:


How many more full moons, have you left to see?
How many more sunrises where you can let yourself be
Mindfulness is being right where you are
So much happening
To be grateful, you don’t have to look far

Give the mind some idle time
Put your phone away
See birds taking flight
Be involved in today
So many different glimpses of light
So many colours of the sun
Yet we seem to forget
Time waits for no one

How many more full moons, have you left to see?
How many more sunrises where you can let yourself be
Pay attention my friend
Yes time waits for no one they say
Why wait until its near the end
For you to appreciate today.

The next time you find yourself
Getting caught up or rushed
Let the mind take idle time
To reduce unnecessary fuss

The next time you find a little
Tightness in your chest
Maybe it’s just a message to put your phone down &
Live life to your best.

How many more full moons, have you left to see?
How many more sunrises, where you let yourself be
Mindfulness is not complex
But sometimes hard to do

Mindfulness means “to remember”
To let life that’s happening right now
Actually be part of you.


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The other I will type up soon

I hand write all my musings / lessons learned and these days as part of my own self care am having less time on the computer so I will pop the other up later.

Self Care is so key as part of helping you not only have a better perspective but to live the life you have been given to its full potential. Don’t take it for granted.

Certain styles of Yoga are great for letting go, for being a little more introspective and creating space in the body and the mind, one of my personal favourite styles is Long Slow Deep Yoga

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