What do all the different styles of Yoga, Mindfulness & Teacher Training Mean

A few people new to Yoga NRG classes lately have been asking what all the different styles mean & what one should they do.
Likewise with Meditation which is part of Yoga.
When you see on our timetable NRG Power Yoga for example we are not talking about “Power” as in hard fast dynamic movements , although sometimes we may move at different speeds to stimulate or regulate the cardio or nervous system to strengthen it.
“Power” regardless of how fast or slow you choose to go is more about making a conscious choice.
Choosing to listen mindfully to what your feeling & what you’re needing.
Choosing the state of mind is the biggest power on & off the yoga mat.
The mind can get pulled or pushed into habit / auto pilot thinking we “know” best.
Part of our NRG Power Yoga classes is to practice giving the thinking mind a rest
It involves a partnership between focus & letting go

Sometimes one breath to one move to strengthen cardio

Other times going slow if that’s what you need to feel the flow

The underlying commonality in all that we do

Is understanding Mindfulness is more than just being present . It’s something already inside you

It’s a genuine & subtle power that comes from getting still , slowing down

Being aware of internal sensations & equally aware of your surrounds

It’s a choice to direct your attention to helpful states of mind
To move or rest in a way that is powerful which comes from being gentle & kind

How this looks on the outside in shape pace or flow
Isn’t the biggest focus , but where you allow your mind to go

What ever cards you’re dealt with day to day
You have an internal power called attitude & perspective , that’s what we practice.

Namaste 🙏

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