Mindfulness of Breathing and Walking in Nature Meditation by Tammy Williams

Mindfulness doesn’t have to always be sitting on a meditation cushion, in fact the time on the cushion is designed to simply give us more quality of life.  Time in formal practice helps to give us more quality of mind when we are doing anything at all.

Keeping your practice simple , connecting with the breath and nature can be a great practice to take in the good. Using where we are right now, watching a bird fly, coming back to feeling the body is a way to slow thinking down so it has less control over pulling us out of the moment.  It is why the first foundation of Mindfulness is using Body and Breath Sensations to help guide us to. Enjoy the practice below as a Mindful Breathing Meditation Walking  in nature.

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Breathing in I notice a subtle breeze in the trees

Breathing out I notice the calm sea

Breathing in I notice the birds flying high

Breathing out I notice the sun begin to rise

Breathing in I notice the sand beneath my toes

Breathing out my breath begins to slow

Breathing in I notice each step along the beach

Breathing out I give thanks for all nature has to teach


xox Tammy.


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