Mindfulness Practice of Getting Yourself out of the Way

Had this little reminder below pop up in my news feed when getting ready to put my live online yoga & mindfulness programs out there

“Replace fear with freedom…Be of Service”

After loads of requests for more than a decade & over 23 years in the health industry I feel it’s still just a drop in the ocean. I still have doubt but I want to help where I can so I am doing it anyway.

😊A Challenge for yr Tuesday:

When I make it all about me having to be at a certain level of knowledge certain level of fitness certain level of financial security before I am “good enough” to help others I realise just how insane fear can be.

What I realise though is ,it is only there when I make it all about me!

Little habits of mind take a hold of my heart and blind the vision of what my intention was right from the start.

I take a comfortable ‘seat’ and come back to my breath.

Close my eyes, feel my heart and give my mind a rest.

If tension lingers in the head causing a clinging in my heart.

I roll out my yoga mat, stretch, strengthen, lengthen and simply make a start.

What ever it is you have been putting off “until I am better” ask yourself “if my intention is simply to serve ,

To help others! then the idea of “I need to be better” is simply absurd!!

When fear is in the house and there is nothing but doubt. Stop making it about yourself. Get yourself out of the way and come back to the truth, there is no criteria to meet when you simply wish to be of use! Have the thought HOW CAN I SERVE and remember there are no qualifications necessary!

Open your heart open your chest and return to the freedom of your breath.

Replace fear with FREEDOM . BE OF SERVICE Namaste🙏

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