The Mindfulness of Non Judgement and Self Realisation

Judging someone never feels good for them and if you really feel into yourself when you do it, it doesn’t for you either.
When I first started teaching yoga at the beach I had someone years later decide to join the class. I happen to say …. ‘on those days where you are feeling pressure or having a shit day yoga can help take a little edge off for you to trust you will be ok’  After the class she said that was a great class not because of the yoga poses but because I use to walk past and watch this class and think that you had it all sorted which made me feel like shit. I didn’t ‘realise’ she said.
 That’s what yoga helps us do …. ‘REAL-EYES’
To see the Yoga Teacher, Mother, Daughter, Business owner, Pet Pet owner, husband, wife, we are all beings. And Beings Everyone feel pressure! Especially when they are being judged or misunderstood. A relief can come when you do truly see them and become clear…. all along you had no idea.
Take time to REAL-EYES ……
No one has their shit together
That’s the question worth asking
Who told you  had to?
And is that true?
Yes people will judge
All the more reason you need to take time to be good to yourself.
People will always judge and so will you, our Yoga, however, can help us ‘discern’ and create a pause and ask
Is this really true?
In that moment we can alter our ‘point of view’
To a more realistic one that sees ‘me’ no different to you.
Tammy xox
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