There are many MYTHS about meditation which can be why people lose heart.
After delivering Mindfulness Based Programs + Training for well over a decade I hear the same ‘misunderstandings’ that come up.
A really useful thing for those teaching Meditation is to share with students the common myths. This helps disolve unnecessary barriers to the practice and alleviates any self imposed suffering. HERE ARE SOME COMMON ONES …….                            

  1. A Successful Meditation means you have stopped your thoughts
  2. You need to do it for a long time for meditation to have any benefits
  3. “I don’t have time to meditate”
  4. You need to sit still to do it
  5. Meditation is about tuning out
  6. Meditation is religious and you have to be religious to practice meditation
  7. I am suppose to have blissfully intoxicating experiences
  8. Meditation is hard work and serious
  9. You should have only one style of meditation practice and be part of a set lineage
  10. Not everyone can meditate

“Meditation is not what you think” Jon Kabat Zinn
The most common comment regarding feedback and opinions surrounding meditation has been “I am not that good at it” ,“ I can’t stop my thoughts”.
For discussions, conversations & excerpts taken from authors surrounding the topic of meditation I recommend that may help to dispel the myths and dissolve any barriers people have to meditation is : Dan Millman ~ Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love
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