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Grateful to Many Yoga & Mindfulness Teachers – Here’s One I aspire to & Why

There are many ways to Meditate or Practice Yoga, because there are many ways to calm the reactivity that can happen in the Mind.

I have had many Yoga Teachers that I am extremely grateful for.  The lessons that end up meaning the most have had nothing to do with being able to put your leg behind your head, or to stand on your head. They have been the lessons from wise and helpful souls , who seem to know what to say at just the right time, who sometimes do not need to say anything at all.  Lessons and Teaching the key messages of Yoga (Union – to integrate the mind and body, to calm down the reactivity of the mind, to simply “listen”) can come in many shapes and forms.

When it comes from a place of love, genuine care, from someone who has a genuine desire to want to help you, to do what they can to provide a sense ease for you, it has an effect on you as a human “being”

Quite a few have a desire to want to Teach or share Yoga because of how it has made them feel.

At times though self doubt comes up for us all and can prevent us from following through on the things that we want or love to do

Understanding the Neuroscience behind Mindfulness has been a real gift and it has changed the quality of my life.  It has also been something that has grown slowly over time and helped me to see that there are more Yogis out there (some right beneath our noses) , some who have never taught the poses BUT understand what it is like to struggle, what it is like to be human and most of all they care.

These are the qualities I personally aspire to and have gained so much as a Student being on the receiving end of being supported by GREAT Teachers.

This lady is one of them and here is why…..


Thinking of all the things you taught me

Offering a place I could call home

You & Uncle Al helping me through my final year of Uni

Home cooked meals, board games, conversation, always there to come back to you, regardless of where I roamed.


You taught me about making family a priority & spending quality time

Helping me shop for my graduation dress, memories of our lunch and movie dates, divine


Showing Tanya and I the ‘big smoke’ , a highlight of our school years

Showing us arts, & craft , lots of laugh (Do you remember us with that gift we got you – that 6 foot giraffe)

You are always there, with an open heart, willing to listen with open ears


We had great conversations after dinner, doing the dishes at the kitchen sink

You showed me , you didn’t have to always agree with what is said , to ‘not argue’ but kindly disagree with grace & humour instead;)

A little smile and a little wink


You taught me to stand up for what you believe is right , without the need to fight, to be kind but not pushed around

To be passionate , hard working & that ‘Scottish way’ of being heard loud and clear with a simple look without making a sound 😉


You taught me through your example

To treat people with respect

To not put anyone above you nor treat them as less


You stayed up talking after my night shifts , facing challenges, witnessing my first death as a Registered Nurse

Helping me through my fears, always helping me find perspective and to realise things could be much worse.


Your home cooked lasangne , a house that always feels like home

I’ve no idea how you fitted us all in , never to busy to listen and have conversation

That being the biggest gift from you & Uncle Al, a sense of being part of a family and knowing I did not have to do it all on my own.


Just lately you said to me

“Just do things in your own good time”

Do what you need to , to take the pressure off

Following your advice always feels ‘kind’


Thankyou for showing me patience & a non judgemental approach

I still have a lot to learn , where patience is concerned

But I am so grateful to have had you and Uncle Al, as my Coach


Thankyou for showing me , ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re small’

When it comes to family , you put them first ,

You are bullet proof and ten feet tall;)


Grateful for the Nugent sarcasm and terms of endearment at the Christmas Lunch

I just want to THANKYOU all from the bottom of my heart

For welcoming me , always and Doug too , to be part of a Sincere & loving bunch!


Love Ya Loads Aunty Cath

Am forever in your debt for giving me a roof over my head

When I needed it most

You have been a friend, A GREAT AUNT , the best!

Your kindness & generosity

I will never forget.


Tammy xox


I have note shared to many personal things this year, it’s definitely been a doozie , however each and everyone of you who have come to class , checked in, sent a kind word and helped us all stay a float with our practice and our community – THANKYOU!!

A closing note for the year

Especially to those who may want to learn something new, but may have a little fear…..

We all have our ways of making a difference

To be a good Yoga Teacher , you do not need to know how to do the perfect pose

You do not need to be able to touch your toes

The best teachers are not always the ones on the Yoga Mat doing the perfect pose , they can be found everywhere

The best teachers are the good listeners, who have courage to give it a go ,

The ones who genuinely care.

For those who think they do not have what it takes

Take a moment in your day and ‘remember’ all the qualities in those you admire most

a  great way to meditate ,

Raise your glass and make a toast

I am thankful to all the Teachers who have taken the time to show they care

To all of the Yoga Teachers out there

(And those who at times maybe full of doubt)

Surround yourself with those who are wise, who can give you perspective

Who help you remember what life is all about.


My sincere thank you to all of the Yoga Teachers who over the years , have been part of our NRG Team

To those of you , who practice , who have let us teach you Yoga , the world to us you mean

To be able to pass on something that does more than help us touch our toes

To help us remember daily, we are human and love aswel as our challenges helps us all grow.


Yes we learn a lot about alignment, and how to focus and breathe

To come back to feeling the subtle things that make a big difference

Appreciating the basics , being able to move, a roof over your head and enjoy a mindful feed.

At the end of the day, our Yoga is there as a simple tool

To help release tension ,  to know it is normal

If we happen to lose our cool.


If it’s one thing learning to Teach Yoga & help others do the same has taught me

It’s to appreciate what we’ve got

And to surround yourself with those who care

If ever you’ve forgot.

Although it may look to be about the poses , the gift in Yoga is how it makes you feel

It has a unique way of showing you on-going benefits , a never ending reveal.


You will never know everything

To expect to is insane

Drop everything you think you should know

And you will have everything to gain


Bring your beginners mind to the table

Take it every where you go

Make curiosity your strongest muscle

And never be scared to take things slow


But dare I say , initially you may just have to dive in

Start before you “think” you’re ready

Is a good way to



Happy 2021

& Thankyou for the 2020 that’s been and gone.

Tammy xox

Forevery grateful to the NRG Team & Community and our Guest Teachers from all over the world who made this year special :

Barb,Katie,Lucy,Ruth,Mary Ann, Jody,Miranda,Brendan,Katrina,Renee, & of course our upcoming NRG Teacher Trainees, you definitely have been a huge source of inspiration to us all!

Thankyou to Dan Millman, Bryan Kest, David Swenson, a shout out to all the studio owners who have done it tough , not just this year but an endless amount of effort goes in EVERY year ~  Paul, Christie,Sarah,Trace,Jules,Simon,Tan, & many others x


The NRG Team of Teachers look forward to spending time with you all on the Yoga Mat in 2021.

We have launched our NEW Take in the Good, NRG FOR SOUL RETREAT 

We have NEW LOCATIONS FOR CLASSES – Alex Headlands & La Balsa Park Kawana/Point Cartwright.

And those in REMOTE OR RURAL areas or who live outside of the Sunny Coast who want to stay connected






And don’t forget we have a New Years DAY  Yoga Class with Mary Ann






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