You are currently viewing From Rifleman in the Army to Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training – Congratulations Sean on completing Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

From Rifleman in the Army to Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training – Congratulations Sean on completing Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

It’s not often you read the comment on Facebook “From rifleman to healer” and some may find it quite the contrast going from being on the frontline in the Army to Teaching his Gran & Travelling buddies Yoga & Mindfulness.

If it is one thing that helps you when it comes to Yoga Teaching & helping others it is life experience.

Often people are worried they will not be flexible enough to Practice or to Teach Yoga – it is not what it is about I would say.

Seans story is what it is all about and it has been a privilege to witness and support Sean through some of his journey so far.

Sean started his NRG Teacher Training after leaving the Army , whilst on the road travelling in his van . An absolute legend Teaching travelling friends around Oz & his Gran & Mum on Zoom when calling in to do live practice teaching

(Thanks Sean’s Mum Gran & mates!! for contributing to Sean’s journey)

Sean combined one on one private mentoring to support his Personal Mindfulness Practice , live online & self paced modules. He then arrived on the Sunny Coast to complete further speciality modules such as Long Slow Deep Teacher Training, & is continuing with Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training .

Sean taught his first official class last week when we got a call from someone needing a corporate Long Slow Deep / Yin yoga class for an F45 group . They wrote back to say how pleased they were with the class! Good on you Sean . Well well done . So great to see the transformation from teaching your first class in a camping ground in the rain near the Great Ocean Road & continued to share Yoga & Mindfulness to all walks of life as you went through the training

Thanks for being such a big inspiration for many who overcome personal & professional obstacles through their yoga practice & meditation . It was great seeing all of the support flow in from around the globe and rightly so as the effort and courage you have shown in more ways than one will help many

Join with me in giving  Sean a massive round of applause for completing all components of the Level 1 / 200hr Yoga NRG Teacher Training & thankyou for your service

Congratulations & all the best in your Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training journey from here on in

Sean will be Teaching Yoga NRG Classes May & June at Noosa Lions Sunday 7am Park & Peregian Beach Park Sunday 8:30am  (Free NRG Classes thanks to Noosa Council) – to book or to visit our full timetable click here 

Namaste 🙏

Tammy & the NRG Community

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