Intention…is one of the greatest gifts yoga has endowed my life with. The act of scanning for an intention before I begin my practice brings me to the present moment on my mat.  I scan my body consciousness for an answer to the enquiry posed “What brought me here?” This question when considered sends a signal out of my body in search of answers, expansion, then through the practice of the postures (asanas) the answers begin to penetrate to the depths of my being and always, in All ways brings a profound discovery of my true essence. This true essence then resonates beyond the mat and out the door into the very community I live.

Let me take you through a few screen shots from the movie screen of my life and illustrate my lessons learned from YOGA:

Yoga teaches us the POWER OF INTENTION

Thus far in my understanding and experience, intention becomes the mantra of my mind that keeps the body consciousness in check instead of being distracted or caught up in programs and patterns that do not serve me or furthermore our community for a higher purpose.  

I witness intention as being like the navigator on the boat of my life force (Prana) which rides the waves of the breath and steers its course throughout my being during my practice, weaving in and out of various joints, tissues, sinews, muscles, aches, pains, comforts, blockages, ligaments, blood flow, lymphatic and so on exploring new neurological pathways to expand the very intelligence that got me to the mat in the first place. 

It only ever needs to be a choice of one word and the postures allow the body to unfold the rest, its quite exciting actually, almost magic so that now I have even began to do it off the mat!

I was contemplating the question before the weekend “How can my self esteem expand today?” I tuned in and was feeling vulnerable with the thought of having to practice teaching yoga this weekend for the first time, and I was being impatient with my own journey and progress thus far like I had to already be really great at teaching! 

Then the intention of solid came, that I wanted to feel solid and I trusted I would come to understand what this meant as my practice and weekend went along.  This was part of my journal entry after Savasana:

Calm, Serenity, Solid, Fluidity Relaxation through stiffness
Gratitude in the Soul, life is bright The sky is blue,
how have I come to know me in you?
Let the warm rays continue to warm the cockles of my heart
How will I surprise me today?

After experiencing modified yoga with Toni I became present to the subtle alignment modifications, which create a ripple like effect from the spine out. 

By striving less I became present and more sensitive to the whole body not just the big joints, limbs or muscles.  I discovered solidity in modifying my postures from the spine (core) out and my attention turned to the finer motor control, as a result my body intelligence became more sensitive and alert. 

I further felt more solid in who I Am in that present moment. 

After Savasana, gratitude arose for the life journey I have been on and all the subtle experiences I have been through to get there,
suddenly life became brighter like the warm rays of the sun.
  “I don’t need to be anything more than what I am right now”.

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