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Mindfulness of Meeting your Essential Needs

 Lean in to Support 


Although we may not always feel supported 24/7 , like someone has your back

We can train the mind to sense these feelings more often , this helps it to adapt

Everyone has basic needs like feeling Connected, Content and Safe

How we feel these things inside is personal , not something that can be learnt from Uni or Tafe.


This practice of Mindfulness & Yoga connects us to the School of the Self Inside

It helps us build our Inner Resources, where Strength, Inner Confidence and Wisdom resides

This can be nourished in your own unique way of feeling into what you really need

How do you need to spend your time , for you to feel like you succeed.


Those five or ten minutes that you take to yourself, to breathe & sink into your own skin

To settle the Nervous System down, let the mind regulate itself, before you begin

This practice can have a powerful impact on prioritising your time

Feelings of being supported, connected and content , helping you to calm your mind


A way to strengthen Mindfulness , can be spending time taking care of your own back yard

Tending to the garden of your mind, watering the qualities you hold in high regard.


Meditation when practiced regularly begins to feel like a long lost friend

A familiar awareness at your back, helping you to feel grounded and nestle in.

A breath of fresh air, at the centre of your chest, a feeling of ease and content

Helping you to be in this moment, is always time well spent.


How you feel and meet these essential needs is different for everyone

Weather it be taking a yoga class, a surf or spending time in the garden or sun

But one thing is useful,  to help these healthy neural pathways grow

Repetition and commitment to feeling these feelings helps you to be connected to the flow.


We don’t always have the luxury of having someone at our side or back

But find a memory of how it felt , breathing into it’s goodness, gives it a tap

Tap into a memory of how feeling supported feels for you

Letting your mind linger into feeling this as a sensation is something you can do.

Sinking into this nurturing feeling , letting it seep through the cells of your skin

Time is never wasted if even a little of it is spent within.


Notice how your body responds to this

Offering it a hand of support

A science that has been around for thousands of years

This is what the Yogis taught


Some of them are Undercover

They can be right under your nose

They may not have facebook, or Instagram or be “certified” in what they know


It doesn’t matter who you are or what roles you commit to in life

The Mindfulness of taking the time to feel supported

Helps you be a better friend, parent, teacher, husband or wife.


Practicing a little and often helps you give back to those you love

To not take them for granted, & instead thank your lucky stars above.


It will help you fill your cup of success

What ever your form of “well-th”

It will help you feel at your best

Weather it is ‘formal’ practice or it is more stealth


What ever it means to you

It’s  the commitment to what’s important

The dedication to ‘follow through’

Keep showing the mind what you seek

Feel it then Repeat Repeat Repeat

Until you do


Feelings don’t last for ever

Though we can strengthen them all the same

Practice is like re-kindling the romance

Of a long lost flame


Yoga & Mindfulness is no different to marriage or a relationship that is dear to you

It’s there for you to lean into , feel supported, connected and content

Time doing this in what ever shape or form you do it

Is always time well spent


Wishing you time well spent on the things that matter most

Remember to look after your body for it is your minds greatest host.


Loca Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings be safe

May all beings be happy

May all beings be free





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