You are currently viewing Meditations & Mindfulness on The Art of Simplicity Space & Contentment – A Three Part Series with Tammy Williams

Meditations & Mindfulness on The Art of Simplicity Space & Contentment – A Three Part Series with Tammy Williams

A Sutra for your Sunday on Simplicity & how this new Three Part Short Series may help to create space & a sense of contentment

It’s often said life is simple it’s the mind that makes it complex.
If you’ve ever yearned for things to be simple , especially when going through challenging or sticky situations, then meditation & some of the key yogic teachings from the Sutras may help to uncomplicate things.
Simplicity can be “hard won” due to the tangles we as human beings can get caught up in of thoughts and feelings about our life situations.
What I love about some of the brief stories from the sutras or Zen monks is they are simple, powerful, practical & easy to remember.
This is why I have created a Three Part Special Series where sessions are only 45 minutes , it’s easy to fit in to your month , yet will make a huge difference! You will receive three short teachings, then we simply practice the meditation so we can apply it to our daily life.
(Yoga off the mat)
Why this is useful ?

We all have doubts like ; where did I go wrong?,  whether it be with a job, family members or relationship. Even if things are dandy right now , chances are you know someone who maybe going through road bumps of their own? By you attending to your own practice of Meditation or learning these Three simple ways to practice Mindfulness & Meditation – may just help you support them. Also the fact you’re human chances are  these tools maybe needed  at one stage or another in  life to cope & live  life with more quality. To navigate both love & loss in all of the many different ways life delivers them to us.  This isn’t a series to get deep into the nitty gritty of emotions – however it is a potent & simple sharing of how we can utilise very simple methods and techniques that when practiced over time can do wonders for your state of mind! There are certain meditation techniques & breathing practices that can help us pave the way for simplicity, space  to free up a stuck mind in order to feel more content and live the gratitude we can so often miss or feel is illusive to us when it may feel at different times the world maybe against you or things are not going how they “should” or how you want them to be.

Holding the complexity of our feelings about our personal challenges while still recognising what we have no control over is one of the hardest yet most freeing lessons we can learn in the school of life. “Knowing” these things logically & remembering to trust the process of your own life can be two different things or can feel like two different worlds (we know it mentally but we can’t feel it) Or maybe we are just scared or find it hard “not knowing” what the outcome is going to be ~ which is where meditation comes into it.
Join me Monday (tomorrow) for the first of this special 3 Part Meditation & Mindfulness series on Simplicity Space & Santosha (Contentment)
If you have felt the uncomfortable feelings associated with the flip sides of each of these states of mind then no doubt you will benefit from this
3 Short & Sweet but potent sessions held over 3 Mondays 5:45pm-6:30pm
27th June – SIMPLICITY
11th July – SPACE
Offered live face to face or live online via Zoom
Or contact us for more information on the private one on one programs for this short course.
Bookings essential – book via this link direct booking link for our next group series starting Monday 26th July
Or email / 0439 418 571 to book your private program.
A little more info on the Three part series below :

One of my favourite quotes is from Einstien “SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY”

Often things have to be practiced and repeated before they become second nature

Simplicity is said to be eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary can speak

This is similar to what Meditation can offer us

Often excessive thinking can take up valuable realestate in the head , causing tension, lack of space and can often get in the way of us enjoying life as it is.

This Sereis will offer Three 45 min Sessions (offered in person at the Warm NRG Studio) or Live Online (tune in from home)

Each Session includes:

A Pranayama (Breath Practice) technique

Guided Meditation (this can be done upright , lying down or practiced in Restorative Yoga Postures and

Each session also includes a Teaching inspired by The Yoga Sutras & Zen the odd easy to remember Zen stories (from various Yogic linages & texts) to help open up the cells & deepen your understanding of the Practices, along with brief discussion / time for Q&A.

It is open to those new to Meditation or Mindfulness and to those who are well practiced

If you are a lover of

Simplicity , Creating Space & Feeling Contentment

If you enjoy keeping life uncomplicated

Then join either in person or via Zoom from the comfort of your own Meditation spot at home!

Tammy 🙂

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