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I am worried about the mental health of a friend. What should I do?
When we think of first aid, we often think of treating a physical emergency; those trained in first aid know how to stem a haemorrhage, administer CPR, and keep people safe. Physical first aid is also easier to understand because we can see injury and trauma. But what if a friend, client or family member is behaving out of character, becomes depressed or distressed ? We may not ‘see’ the concern, but deep down, we know they’re not okay.

Approximately one in four people experience a mental health challenge each year and many do not seek help on their own. Friends, family and community play a vital role in supporting people to talk and access the resources and professional help available. However, those who want to help often worry about saying the wrong thing, or thinking they’ll make things worse. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. This is where a Mental Health First Aid can help.
Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based course that empowers participants to help those who may be struggling. It teaches you how to approach someone, what to say, and how you can connect people to the right help.

Course content includes theory and conversations-coaching around mood disorders, anxiety disorders, suicidal thinking, panic attacks and psychosis. More than 1 million Australians have completed the course and those who have say they notice signs earlier and feel more confident and competent to reach out to others.

Yoga NRG and Mindfulness Training Australia deliver the Standard Mental Health First Aid course, facilitated by Rosie Overfield. Rosie is an experienced counsellor, yoga teacher and Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She has worked in both the private and public sector and is passionate about improving mental health literacy across the community.
The next course will be held on the 18-19 November in Currimundi.

If you would like more information, or wish to enrol, please email support@yoga-nrg.com

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