Mindfulness Is Not Just For When The Shit Hits The Fan ~ Learn how Grace can lend a helping hand…..

grace is courage under pressure
I loved this definition of Grace when I was “Noticing new things” as a way to practice mindfulness this morning on my way to the airport in peak hour traffic  (Perth bound to teach Mindfulness)
I was driving behind a Lutheran Christian Colledge bus and this was the slogan written on the bus :
“Grace is courage under pressure”
This is synergistic with  of my acronyms to sum up the Eight Limbs of Yoga and Pillars of Mindfulness which helps us manage our eNeRGy .
Notice &
Respond to
Mindfulness is not just for when the shit hits the fan. It is more available to us when we are under pressure if we have done the work of weight lifting for the mind. This mental weightlifting (concentration ~ dharana) can be done many ways. By noticing the breath, or by simply “Noticing new things”
The curiosity and engagement that is generated when we do this develops neural pathways in the brain that can help us have “insight” that can free us from suffering.
Training the mind to first focus (Notice) then makes it easier for the mind to sit and watch itself . It is  this ability that creates stability.
When things are flowing well without pressure it’s easy to think “it’s all good I don’t need to meditate ~ would you say “I don’t need to clean my teeth as there’s no pain yet” ?!
But inevitably the shit does hit the fan, pain does come our way, so does decay!
(Otherwise known as the reality of life)
There are two forms of pain , what the Buddha apparently referred to as the two arrows.
The first is the event, situation , thought, feeling, emotion , sensation as it is.
The second is our reaction to this.
The second form of pain (suffering from reactivity) is optional. We can make a choice to disengage (not fire more arrows)
To be able to transform energy in the form of “pressure” it is useful to acknowledge it is there and make space for It.
Unless you are happy to be tossed about by the escalating shit storm of thoughts made worse by “how shit this or that is” (The judging mind has pretty low blows literally like arrows into the heart (but who is firing them?!) – they are felt internally regardless whether they are “justified”
One of my mentors Dan Millman says it like this “Who’s doing it to ya?!”
So here is a little Summary about the potential Mindfulness has to offer and what’s possible when we do make space for Grace……
In “Noticing” we can already be free
From the extra suffering caused by “me” & mistaken identity
We don’t always make space for grace or give ourselves the “time”
More the reason to forgive someone when they lose their mind
A reminder for us all , mental hygiene is worth it , to live your life with more ease
Mindfulness Meditation helps us to set the pressure free
Remember things are not solid, they do not stay the same
Noticing new things engages us in this process of change
Noticing new things can be played like a game
It has powerful effects, putting us more in touch with reality and unhooks us from reactions like blame
It does not mean have no boundaries if anything they become more clear
They come from a place of mutual respect from courage not fear
Noticing and Responding with Grace takes time and skill
But is much more healing for everyone than feelings of ill will.
Be courageous, take time when pressure comes your way
Notice new things , and have a Mindful dayamaste
Tammy xox

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